Poverty is a mindset

For about 5 years of my life I have battled with something that would be considered lack, struggle, and poverty. I found myself resonating with people of the same circumstances, struggling with the same financial issues and even living in poverty, around and in my environment. After what seemed like a circle of repeat events centered around lack and struggle, I began to wonder why it was happening and why it kept happening.

Do you find yourself struggling financially in life in seasons or circles over and over again? I have been there. What I have learned in and out of that time was that my mind had a lot to do with the root of poverty. The first thing I learned and realized, was that poverty was not the lack of money, but the lack of information. Sometimes we can be educated, holding degrees and titles, but still lack the information we need to live outside of the realm of poverty. We keep working and working, getting by with each paycheck, closing the month with a negative balance, answering or avoiding calls from creditors, even while we are making money. When one finds themselves in a cycle of lack like that, it does not matter how much money they make. No matter if they keep making more money each year, they still will not have any.

You need the right information to get out of poverty. Even the Bible tells us how, “My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6  – amazon reference link).  The people who live in poverty are not living in poverty because of the economy, racial issues or because they have no skills, they live in poverty because they have the mindset for poverty.

If you believe life is supposed to be a struggle or a “just trying to get by” scenario, that is what you will find in your life experience.  When I found myself in the cycle of lack, I realized I was giving so much energy and attention to lack, struggling and not having enough.  I kept getting circumstances revolved around that because that was what I was focused on.

Beating poverty

Once you have the right information, you can start examining where your energy is poured out the most.  Do you pay a lot of attention to debt? Do you give your personal power away by getting anxious, worried and intimidated by bills and finances? If so, you may be giving poverty the upper hand in your life.  Nip that and stop paying attention to any source of lack in your life.  Concentrate on abundance, growth and obtaining information that is positive.  If you have a negative relationship with money, you can not have a positive experience money either.  Having abundance and a positive experience with money requires feelings of happiness, faith and love, not fear, struggle and worry. Try it, and see if it changes your circumstances.

Becoming successful at anything requires self-mastery.  You must know yourself.  You must know who you are, where you are going and why you are here (post link).  You have to be able to renew your mind and make sure you are speaking positive things into your life.  That is another contributing reason why we experience struggle in life; because we attach ourselves to negative thoughts, words and information.

Back when I was in the cycle of poverty, I made a choice to take responsibility and get myself out of the life experience of lack. I stopped blaming everyone else, blaming the economy, blaming the job market, blaming my level of experience, doubting my education, and even blaming the average salary I was receiving. I stopped looking outside of myself for something to blame when it came to my lack of finances.  When I looked at my own life, I noticed that I had given my personal power away to money and debt.  I said, “I don’t have enough to pay the bills, I’m so worried,” and “I have so much to pay to Sallie Mae, I’m never going to buy a new car,” etc. instead of saying positive things and having feelings of abundance in general.  I stopped speaking that and thinking that, then I started to renew my mind and re-route it towards positive experiences with money.  If a bill came and I couldn’t pay, I’d ignore it.  If a creditor called and said I had a past due balance, I did not get worked up anymore.  I made the decision to focus on prosperity instead of lack.  If I was in a conversation with someone complaining about money and lack of resources I would cut the conversation short.  I did not entertain anything pertaining to poverty.  I had to make a drastic change in order to gain control over my financial future.

The two most important things that you can realize when it comes to getting out of poverty is this:

1) Poverty is a mindset

2) Poverty is not the lack of money, but a lack of information.

Taking control over your mind is the first step to freedom.




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