Obtaining success

Written by: Nikoya

Everyone has a natural drive and desire to become successful.  Are you a success in your life right now? What do you consider to be a success?  What makes one successful at something and another not? Why do certain people climb to great levels of success, by hardly ever working, and those that work very hard never seem to really accomplish much of anything significant?

When I think of success, a saying comes to mind that sums up the starting point of where success comes from: “If it is for me, then it is up to me!”

One of the reasons many individuals have never obtained success in life, is because they don’t know who they are.  Success comes from inside of you.  You do not have to look anywhere outside of yourself for something to help make you successful.  What you were born to be successful in was determined upon your conception. It is encrypted into your DNA. Just like you are to be the change you wish to see in the world, you are to be your success.


Knowing who you are and staying true to yourself is self-mastery.  Staying true to ourselves is the initial starting point of finding out what it is we are to find success within.  The true root of what success is, is this: living out a purpose filled life; executing your life around why you are here on the Earth; fulfilling the reason as to why you are here.  There are many great things that people accomplish in their day to day lives.  Many people set and meet lofty goals throughout their lives.  However, if it not directly related to the reason as to why they exist on Earth, then it is not part of their purpose.  And if it is not a part of the purpose as to why they are here, then it is just an accomplishment.  It is not success.

Self-mastery takes a lot of discipline and determination to obtain.  It may seem simple to some people, “Oh, I just have to know myself” and then when you really think about yourself you say, “well, I know a lot about what I don’t like and don’t want, but what about what I do want?”  Those are very reasonable questions!  I found myself in the same place for a really long time, and it was one of the driving forces that funneled me into a cyclic series of circumstances that seemed never-ending.  Getting out of the initial period of what may be holding you back from finding success is part of the same reason some people find themselves dealing with a struggle against poverty.  They lack something that is not apparent.

Self-mastery requires you to be able to master your time.  You have to know how to spend your time right.  How you spend your time is an indicator of your true priorities.  The way you spend your time shows your intentions on what you decided to live for.  Time is one of our most precious commodities.  You cannot get back time that is lost, nor can you add time to your life.  Make a decision to be able to account for the time you spend in your life for one week, put it in writing, keep notes, etc., and I promise it will show you a lot about yourself.

Social conditioning has programmed us to believe that by a certain age, we should go out, get a decent job and earn a living.  Also, if you are particularly talented, you are to choose a career that can pay a livable wage plus make a contribution to society somehow.  The problem with that is that most of the time jobs stop at simply providing a paycheck.

They do not always enrich our lives, our communities, and almost never are connected with what we were truly created to do with our time here on Earth.  When we submit to that way of living we simply are trading our time for money.  Why do that?

Is money more powerful than you?

Is a bank account balance more intelligent than a living breathing, thinking being?

If working a job is how you choose to spend your time and spend your life, are you able to reach true success while working it?

Are you fulfilling your life purpose at that job or have time to fulfill it on the side?  Are you receiving the hourly wage of what you are truly worth in exchange for how you are spending your time at the workplace??

Could you be doing something that could provide more value to people by using your natural gifts, knowledge and talents, than working at a job that probably won’t even exist in the next 20 years?

You are a unique being.  Only you can do what you were created to do in life.

The cliché’s

Two of the most coined phrases about happiness and success: “find your passion” and “do what you love.”  There is not necessarily anything wrong with those statements, if they make you feel warm inside, but they are also misleading.  Not everyone is going to make a living, complete their life purpose and become a success by simply living their “passion”.  It’s just not realistic.

I find it more sensible to say that your passion is an indicator of your purpose, which can lead you into success, yes, but your passion will also have to be related to a general problem and then be able to solve it.

Your passion will also consist of things that are not so pleasant as much as it will consist of things that are full of joy for you.  There are two sides to everything worth something  🙂 .  If you can manage to find a problem and solve it using your passion in life, you’ve got a great shot at becoming successful.

Do you think that Thomas Edison enjoyed being an older gentleman struggling to invent something year after year?  He obviously knew that his passion was revolved around playing with gadgets, creating ideas, etc. but he eventually became a success when he was able to put his logical mind to his passion, and say, “what can I create that will be of use to people? What can I do that will solve a problem/or make things easier on people?”

That is when he had his light bulb moment, and became a true success.

Do you think Jesus was thrilled about being hung up on a cross?  No, but his passions lead him to that purpose.  He loved to travel and spread his message of truth, heal the sick and raise the dead.  Everyone who was on a path to success had an experience that incorporated something that was not very pleasant.  It did not mean they were on the wrong path; it is just a part of living a successful life.

Relationships can influence success

Cultivating the right relationships is important.  It is imperative to not have negative Nancy’s constantly putting words of doubt into your head!  One thing you’ll find when you are determined to live your life purpose and find success, is that people will begin to have very strong opinions!

Opinions of outsiders mean nothing much.  Remember your success points are encrypted in your DNA.  You don’t really need to take on the negative doubt talk into your own reality.  Create your own reality by framing your mind.

Questions that lead you to success

Remember that success is obtained when you are living with the knowledge of what your purpose is.  When you can answer the following questions, you have already come to the path of who were created to be:

1)      Who am I? Have I mastered knowledge of self?

2)      Why am I here?

3)      Where am I going?