Identifying electric foods

Written by: Nikoya

There are certain ways that you can identify electric foods. One way to begin is to start with the level of alkalinity. It is best to avoid foods that are on the extreme acidic side. The number one indicator for identifying this is by determining the pH level. Foods with a pH level of 7 or above are generally alkaline . A number below 7, is the opposite and is considered to be acidic.

It is best to adjust to a diet that finds itself ingesting primarily alkaline foods, to keep the body neutral, nourished and balanced. For some, completely avoiding acidic foods that are common is impossible. That is understandable. Finding a balance of alkaline foods that you can eat primarily is a great way to begin, and then slowly eliminate the acid based foods from your regimen, one by one.

Eating an alkaline based diet on a budget

For some people who live in different types of areas, finding a healthy diet on a budget is a challenge. Of course, growing your own food is the most superior and cheaper option. Those that do not have this luxury can also still afford to eat healthy. Visit your local co-op or farmers market and stock up on fresh food. You may have to do a little research for finding when and where your local farmers market is held, but it is well worth it. Stock up on as much as you can afford, and always buy foods that are fresh and in season. You can always preserve, freeze and store them in a deep freezer at home to keep them fresh for later consumption.

Once again, the electric diet is actually a lifestyle! These are life changes that you will have to make and choose to do on a daily basis. If you make that choice for you and your family, you are promised great health, clear minds, and a life free of sickness and dis-ease. Well worth it, right?  I have created a page dedicated to a non-hybrid food list.  Some of the examples you can order from amazon (links provided) if you cannot find them locally.

Education makes electric foods more powerful

America has created a whole system that sets up the people for dis-ease, stress & bad health. It is sad to say that this country is the root of the problem.

However, removing ignorance from the mind solves all.

Education, learning and being a lifelong learner of information can always save your life. “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” That passage in the New Testament was not a fairytale. If we are open to renew our minds, we can make a sudden change in our lives, “in a twinkling of an eye… they will be caught up & transformed.”

Not knowing about the foods we eat and the habits we develop in our American diets is the root for all of the success of the medical industry and cause of disease. Never stop learning.

The importance in continuing education is critical. Once you begin a path to wellness, you must not stop. However, many do. Vegetarians, vegans, and raw vegans are perfect examples of people who get a certain amount of knowledge and then completely stop. You can never dig deep enough when it comes to educating yourself about health and wellness. It is saddening because the Vegan – even though beyond their pure effort and honest discipline, still inhales things that are no good for them. More than likely, they may even consume more hybrid and pseudo-foods than the typical meat eater. Do you think that they would continue to do this if they were aware? Probably not.

What are some examples of hybrid food that vegans eat possibly on a daily basis? The carrot, the grapefruit, any seedless grape, the orange orange, the pale potato, almost 80% of the world’s corn and rice, almost 95% of the large red tomato (except the small cherry tomato – wiki link), the non-whole-grain wheat, the genetically modified soybean… and the list continues. Find yourself allergic to certain fruits? Allergic to soy? Allergic to gluten? Allergic to the orange orange (like myself)? You are not weird. It’s just your body’s way of rejecting what is not natural. It’s a signifier that something is not right.

Many Vegans chow down on tofu, which is made from the genetically engineered soybean. They believe they need it because of “protein”. However, what they do not realize is that the essential amino acids that make up the cellular strand of “protein” are not in the proper state for the body to assimilate in tofu, nor the soybean.

These foods cellular structures have been manipulated in a lab. Same with the black bean, due to the acidity (remember, anything above the pH level of 7 is alkaline). 

Studies have shown what happens to the body when it ingests cooked foods. The number of white blood cells dramatically increases when you eat anything that is cooked. White blood cells are designed to attack anything foreign in the body.

They grow in number when something new is introduced into the body to protect the body. So if this happens simply when you eat cooked food, imagine what happens when you consume a diet of synthetic, processed and non-natural (outside link to proof of the damages of genetically modified food) cooked foods.

Think about it. There is plenty of iron in a rock, right? But if you ate it, the iron inside is oxidized. The body cannot assimilate the iron in that state at all. The damage that capitalistic civilization has placed on the people of the world is disturbing. And it is only getting worse.

If we do not have access to real food, we will starve on a cellular level, causing more naturally borne diseases and possibly retardation of genes. We will not grow properly. We will not thrive. More people will be born with deformities, and “biological mental impairments” like autism and ADHD. We won’t have enough mental megahertz to really understand what is happening in the world, let alone to ourselves.

Education is the foundation.  The ability to download knowledge and information into your brain on a regular basis is almost a life or death situation.  Knowing the difference between 1, 2, and 3, in these times, could be adding years of longevity to your life.

For a list of examples of non-hybrid foods, please view this page.

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