Fasting: Cleansing the body and losing weight

Written by: Nikoya

Choosing a fast that works for you

There are different methods of fasting and different tools incorporated into each one. We will address the ones that are the most effective in the following:

1)     Juice Fasting – this type of fast is popular and effective.  The juice consists of citrus based fruits, limited to grapefruit, lemons and limes. These fruit juices are very effective at removing waste out of the body, as well as cleaning the intestines thoroughly.  The juice itself is also very pleasant to drink.  You do not feel like you are starving yourself completely once you adjust to it. The best way to get the most out of your organic fruit is to invest in a reliable juicer .

The concept is to freshly squeeze the fruits together and drink 8-10 8 ounce glasses each day.  Before retiring to bed you should have some form of a laxative tea or complete a sea salt water flush.  It is still imperative to make sure you are drinking 1.5-2L of water daily.  Examples of gentle laxative teas are:

 Senna Leaf – (amazon product link) brew and drain.  Best consumed 5-10 minutes after it is made. You can order senna leaves through Amazon if you cannot find them at your local farmers market, co-op, or Whole Foods.

Smooth Move Tea – (amazon product link) You can typically find this at your local grocery supply. Sometimes it will be in the regular tea section and/or in the gluten free/health food section (depending on which store you are in).  This tea is a mixture of different herbs, including senna, that promote a gentle laxative effect.

The good thing about using teas instead of processed laxatives (syrups, over the counter pills, etc.) is that they are less abrasive and the ingredients are actually known. You can conduct a juice fast anywhere from 3-40 days.

2)   The Master Cleanse –this fast is one of the well-known fasting diets.  The items that are needed are cayenne pepper, organic lemons, purified water and grade B maple syrup.  The pepper is attributed to increasing circulation, stimulation of the intestines and increasing metabolism.  The lemons are great for removing debris from the digestive system and providing vitamins.  Grade B maple syrup is used because it provides you with enough caloric value to help you get through the day.  It is also providing your body a few of the essential amino acids and other nutrients to keep you strong.

The same tea method is used at night as mentioned above, but it is encouraged to also incorporate a sea salt water flush in the mornings as well.  The objective is to drink a mixture of 2 tablespoons of sea salt absorbed into room temperature purified water.  Use about 8-10 ounces of water for your mixture, and consume within in a 5 minute period. The salt flush is designed to increase and draw a lot of water directly into the intestines to “flush” out anything that could be stuck inside of them.  It is not a very pleasant experience, drinking the mixture, but the results are very beneficial!

Instructions for the Master Cleanse:

a)    Drink 8-10, 8 ounces glasses of 2 teaspoons of grade B maple syrup, 3-4 freshly squeezed lemons and 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper.

b)   Drink 10-12, 8 ounce glasses of water in between each mixture each day.

c)    Conduct your natural laxative tea and salt water flush before bed/in the morning.

d)    Hold the fast for 3-40 days.

Fasting is an awesome time to reflect about your life, grow spiritually and also break any bad habits that could be dominating your time each day.  Take the time while conducting your cleansing period to allow yourself the opportunity to experience this.  There are so many essential benefits that fasting provides you, and the many purposes of fasting and cleansing the body are explored in this post.  Remember, wellness and health is not always about what you are eating each day, but on a mental level, it is also about what is eating you.

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