Growing healthy, thick and natural black hair

Written by: Nikoya

Understanding that hair growth will happen no matter what you do or don’t do to your hair is the first essential idea to grasp before anything else.  So why not take advantage of that benefit?

Is there things that you can do to maximize growth? Yes.

Can you preserve the new growth that grows as much as possible? Of course.

Those myths that black women cannot grow long, thick hair are on the way out of the door. It’s a simple lie.  You can grow long, thick hair.  There are plenty of ways to grow your hair long and healthy without the application of a perm, and the first step is to stick with  simplicity.

The significance of black hair

Ever looked at your natural curly roots? If you have traditional coiled, black hair, you will see the nine shape pattern that a strand of your hair forms.  9 is the highest number, and if you are familiar with my previous writings about our people and heritage, you know where I am going with this.

Your hair is powerful, and alive.  To perm or straighten hair is to kill the life out of it.  They call it a “relaxer” but that is just a shortcut for the truth.  Your hair is more than relaxed when permed.  It’s dead.

Think of your hair as a living plant.  We water plants in order to keep them alive, but also to help them grow.  Our hair and scalp function the same way.  Hydration = maximization of hair growth.

The hair that we have in the natural state is just as powerful as described in the story of Samson in the bible.  The whole tribe of the Nazarites lived this way as well, never taking a razor to their heads because they understood that besides their melanin factor, their hair was one of their sources of their power.

To keep your hair natural is one of the most healthy choices you can make towards a journey to thick, long hair.  You can have healthy hair that is permed too, it’s possible.  But will it last?  Will it stay healthy relaxed?  Chances are very low.

Healthy hair has internal roots

Drink the minimum of 8 glasses of water per day, and you’ve done well.  Drink 2 liters and you’ve already worked wonders for healthy hair and scalp.  The importance of drinking water for hair growth is just as essential as applying water on the hair to keep it moisturized.  Water moves the free agents throughout the body and blood.

It helps with circulation and removes waste from the body.  This creates a healthy internal environment for hair to flourish.

Proper diet full of vitamins and protein are the next step.  More hair, grow hair.

Keep styling simple, protect your ends

Protective styling will preserve a lot of your hair.  Concentrate on protective styles that close off your ends from the elements, but do not apply stress on your actual scalp or tresses.  Finger combing your natural curls when needed is also something to consider.  When your hair is natural, a comb is optional.

Keeping your hair moist with oil, conditioner or water will protect from breakage when using a comb is necessary.  Condition your hair before shampooing.  Keeping your hair moist and conditioned improves the flexibility overall.

You will learn over time which your hair perfers: oil or conditioners.  Or both.

Avoid commercial products, and incorporate natural oils into your regimen

The best products to use on your hair is natural and from the earth.  Pure castor oil works well for hair preservation and growth.  Jojoba oil is closely linked with similarity to our natural body oil and is excellent for the scalp.  Get a spray bottle and add your favorite oil, a little water and maybe your essential fragrant oil of choice.

Peppermint oil is great to add for natural tingling and stimulation of the scalp, along with providing a fresh scent.  Lavender is relaxing and soothing to smell.  Be creative.  The options are wide and many.

Finding essential oils and hair oil is easy.  Your local co-op, Whole Foods or health food store will have plenty of these pure oils in rich supply.  If that fails, order online.  There are links above for the selected items.

Vitamins and supplements are extremely helpful, especially when you are eating healthy, balanced meals each day.  Biotin, B12, and other vitamins can maximize healthy growth.  Minerals are essential as well, so make sure your iron levels are normal, your primary care physician will prescribe you iron if you are anemic.

I have dealt with anemia when I was slack on eating right.  It definitely has an effect on hair growth.  when I began to correct and take iron supplements for the anemia, my growth and retention dramatically increased.

With all of the access to resources that we have, for educating ourselves and getting the things that we need to achieve what we want; there is no reason to not have what you want in regards to healthy hair.  Make a choice to keep it simple, and I am sure your crown of glory will re-appear.

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