Why you should never get a JOB

By: Nikoya

I dove into the abyss of conventional employment again last year.  This was an act of pure insanity.  For most people getting a job is not such a bad idea, especially if you are working in corporate America. Why? The response is usually because you get medical benefits, a prestigious job title (if your lucky), a steady paycheck, etc.  Maybe even some discounts at various consumer stores and brands.

You get gifts such as company pens and T-shirts too.

You can grow a 401K.  You get to use relatively new technological devices. Most of which are loaded with ancient and worthless software for the purpose of staying connected constantly, to make it look like you are actually working on something important.  Hell, you might even get a quarterly bonus.  Or maybe one day you may get lucky… and receive a raise.

You may also get up to two weeks paid vacation per year! Yep, that’s right… 14 free days out of the 365 days of the year, to attempt to do some real living. Oh, and let us not forget the store boxed cake you get to share with your lovely co-workers once you retire after 30 years! This is the American dream.

Getting a job is outdated, jaded and overrated.  The world needs more people to create and not conform.  Getting a job is for scared, timid losers.  You’ve been sold short if you have a j.o.b.

Submitting to an employee-ism is poison

You commit a soul-crushing, spiritual suicide when you become a corporate drone.  I am not trying to add to the noise online about why you should quit your job, but I feel very strongly about this sort of thing. Simply being the realist I am, the truth comes out plain.  If it makes you cringe, consider the possibility that what is plain might be true.

It is toxic to neglect ones true purpose only  to live comfortably.  It is toxic to sign up for an existence where you are operating lower than 50% of your mental capacity and potential.  It is toxic and deadly to know that you are doing this to your heart everyday and continue to do it.

Selling yourself short on the money

There is a benefit between being comfortable and taking calculated risks.  The entrepreneur takes risks that can ultimately create freedom and generate an un-capped amount of revenue.  Being a corporate drone does not give you that option.  All you have when you walk among the drones is company branded coffee mugs with horrible coffee.

Creating real value that adds to society equals unlimited income potential (for the entrepreneur). Creating repeat crap value, like redundant work in excel and other archaic “software”, gets you to the ‘burbs and back, day after freaking day.  What a life.

You should never get a job

Chances are you are very smart, creative and unique.  So why not live a unique life? Is it worth living a life that has been lived before, day after day? What does it mean to sit and watch the clock Monday through Friday, week after week?

What good is it to live for the weekend? What does that mean anyway? Do you magically come alive during the weekend?  Do you somehow manage to have a lobotomy between Friday at 5pm and 11AM Sunday morning? Or are your weekends simply a drunken blur of bars with fleeting friends and brief moments of entertainment?

Never get a job.

If you have not entered the workforce yet or are thinking about returning to the workforce after a break, think long and hard about it. You will never really have such thriving feelings inside of you about any of your current passions, ideas, desires or dreams for a long while, once you submit to a droned existence. Keep nourishing your gifts and talents.  Take your gifts and talents to your community and provide value, not a corporation.  Keep attaining the correct information on who you are.  This will lead you to success, and not dependability.

Once I entered the workforce I felt drained. It even took too much energy to simply apply to other jobs while employed. Writing a resume was painfully tedious. Filling out an online application was like pulling teeth. Even attending networking events to meet contacts for other opportunities was less than a desired task, plus not productive. Don’t underestimate misery and neglecting your true purpose.  It’s power can take a true toll on your energy levels.

Some people are great at working jobs. They love it. They love the false sense of security, the fluffy job titles, the B.S. job duties. Deep down they may have other things that they say they’d rather be doing than at work, but regardless, they continue to get up in the morning and go to work.

When you ask them why they continue to get up and go to work in the morning, most of them do not have an answer. When you ask them about their dreams and passions, most can’t say shit.

It is like talking to a shell of the person who used to inhabit their body before.

Don’t lose touch in your true potential. This is reason enough to never get a job. See what you can really offer the world.  Don’t sign-up to be a failure; everybody is doing that. Do the opposite.

Try to not live the lie. Be better.

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