4 ways to make a living and live your life purpose


Written by: Nikoya | Author of Resurrect the Purpose

There are several reason why you should not get a job and simply create another way to live.  How do you actually do that?  It is easy to say that getting a job will not solve problems, will not be a consistent provider, will not offer steady security, etc.  So, how do you make a living on the other side?

How do you make a living where you still have a life allowing you to live out your purpose?

That is a question that is worthy of thought.  It is a question that is very challenging.  It is a question that can put some people in a hole where they end up questioning life too much versus actually living out their life.

The best was to live out your purpose: stop listening to the advice from your closest friends and family.  Sadly, this is the absolute worse advice you can accept.

Their advice will sound something like, “get a job that pays well so you can eat,” and “don’t go to school for this or that because nobody has made any money by doing that, go to school for a solid trade because you can find steady work.”

They care about your well-being and want the best for you.  They do not want to see you struggling, down ‘n out and broke.  However, they are probably miserable.  Miserable at their jobs, miserable in their homes and miserable with their lives period.  It’s best to not take their advice and simply listen to what is inside of you.

I remember a story that popular author, Paulo Coelho, once told about his life and how he chose to live a path of purpose.  He shares that since he was a boy he was always writing, writing and writing.  His parents grew concerned of his behavior to the point that they took him to a mental institution.  He was committed and spent some time there.

He went on to talk about how his family kept thinking that he was crazy, and was going to never be successful from his writing ventures.  He went on to become a very successful songwriter in his early twenties. Then years later, the best-selling books came: The Alchemist, Aleph, The Pilgrimage, and other beloved classics. Suddenly his family thought he was brilliant, of course.

Listening to your "insides" - purpose tip #1

It's a guarantee that you will be in your body, mind and heart for the rest of your life. Everything that is outside of your self is temporary.  No matter what happens in life, you will always have to live with yourself.

When it comes to purpose, the origin emerges from introspection.  Investing in yourself by spending time nurturing your interests, desires and goals is the platform of knowing what your life purpose may be.

Self education that is applied towards your interests is more valuable - purpose tip #2

Going out and digesting educational resources about what you are interested in and that are related to your goals, is more valuable than spending several hours in general education in university.

Most of the most successful people in the world sought out self-education and applied knowledge.  There are even a few who barely had any education beyond high school, or 1 year of college.  Why? Because they nurtured their interests and ideas with self educational resources and then decided to activate applied knowledge towards what they "created" for themselves to make their living.

Stepping outside of the box helps you to see the "real world" - purpose tip #3

Safe little suburbs. Safe little cubicles. Safe little TV screens and radios. Boxes will dominate your life if you allow them too. Step outside of the box and enter the real world. You are not a dog, nor a caged animal, so why submit to living that way?

Taking the red pill, like Neo from The Matrix did, is a choice.  If you do not take the red pill, you will never see the world as it truly is, nor find your purpose in relation to life.

Once you step out of your boxes, you will slowly have the veil lifted from your eyes.  People around you may think you are crazy, but that is because of fear. The masses are dominated by fear, that is why everything in the safe life revolves around boxes.  Look at the world from the eyes of your subconscious mind. You may learn to despise boxes.

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A life full of purpose that is worth living is all about truth. If something does not feel right to you, don't take part in it. Always listen to what is inside.

Release conformity - purpose tip #4

The reason most people do not contribute great things to society or make a joyful living is not because they are not creative or talented.  The reason they don't is because of conformity.

What I am talking about here is similar to what Earl Nightingale wrote and broadcasted in his legendary work, The Strangest Secret.

The reason why most people are not successful in finding their purpose, is because they choose to conform. It is impossible to find your purpose by trying to live like anyone else, solely because it worked for them.

That is why people who find themselves emerged into a religious group or belief system find themselves empty and lost at times. It is because they chose to not listen to what was resonating inside of them, and chose to imitate the norm that was presented to be.

When I talk to people who find themselves in these situations I find myself at a loss for words. The reason why I never know what to say in response to them is because the only thing that can be said is so simple, that they never get it by being told. They just have to discover it for their own selves.

Just like I wrote in Resurrect The Purpose: if you have to wait 1,000 years for your purpose to be fulfilled, it doesn't matter. We are not in control of our path of life nor our purpose. That is why it is best to "create" a living and avoid general conformity. Leave room for your purpose to present itself to you, deep from within.


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