The work of a digital publisher

Written by: Nikoya | Author of Resurrect the Purpose

There is a new breed in the writing world whom we call the digital publisher.  The era of millions of people blogging, writing, and re-writing content online is saturated to the max.  All of that noise simply pushes the digital publisher to create content that is stronger and extremely worthwhile.  It has suddenly become easier to spot the people who are faking it online, from those who actually take heart in creating their work.

Digital publishers stick with their brand

It doesn’t matter if you love marketing or not.  It doesn’t matter if you do not think that it is your job to be a marketer.  Digital publishers are automatically marketers.  If you don’t acknowledge this, people may never know that your work exists.

The digital publisher does this: saturates an idea with mental energy, writes content about the idea, keeps writing more content off of the idea, brings the content back into branded image, then repeat.  The backbone that holds the digital publisher upright is their branded image.

If you have a digital brand you have understood and implemented knowledge of marketing without over-saturating the social web. Keep connecting your content around your brand, and marketing will be under control.  Anything else is just extra.

Digital publishers speak when they have something to say

Digital publishers are in business to make a livelihood.  We work with motivation of inspiration and not by motivation from lack or need.  We generate a profit from what we create, but this does not mean that we go around publishing fluffy content to generate a check.  We maximize our time and use our voice when and where it will resonate the most.

Many bloggers have posting schedules and quotas.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But it is when you are able to maximize your efforts and communication levels you shift into writing when you truly have something of value to share.  Posting no longer becomes a mandatory need to simply stay relevant or stay appealing to the search engines.  The digital publisher works smarter and more creatively, not harder and more strenuously.

Digital publishers stay away from outsourcing the heart of their business

There is nothing wrong with outsourcing, I believe it has it’s place and is very useful. The blogger will hire oDesk freelancers to write “X” number of articles for their various niche websites.  The internet marketer will too.  Digital publishers simply don’t do this.  Digital publishers place their hearts into what they publish to the world.  Even if we try to fake it, it wouldn’t work for us anyway.  When digital publishers fake online it doesn’t read like we write.  I can hear the fake-ness in your written voice when you’re faking it.

Digital publishers are the modern day writers of today’s technological world.  We are the one’s that actually signed up to do this in the beginning not because we could earn a living, but so we could create an inspiring, creative career that serves a purpose.

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  1. My wife was a freelance eodtir in the RPG industry. She is now working for someone else in a related field, because there was no money in it; and nobody pays their bills on time anyway (except for WotC, who are decidedly not judgement-proof, or at least Hasbro isn’t; and they RAN AWAY from ebooks).The RPG industry is probably about 5 years ahead of the mass market publishing industry as far as self-publishing goes. It’s going to be a race to the bottom, with some outstanding brands ; whose money will be made because they sell lower amounts of higher-quality materials.

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