Why you are not a success

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There are a lot of subjects in the world, that perplex the human mind. The mind itself is still somewhat of a mystery, and not fully understood. We do not know all about how the mind works, but we do know that we have the power to create ideas, when we apply our minds.

Everything we experience in the physical world started with an idea. You exist because someone had an idea. Civilization began because someone had an idea, believed in it and never doubted it. Nothing in the world is tangible unless someone took the time to create it. Everything we see began first as a thought in someone else’s mind.

We wonder why certain people grow rich and others remain in poverty. We question the validity of people’s wealth when they grow from rags to riches. We believe that we have to work ourselves to the ground before we become worthy of any success or a reward. Others wonder what the great mystery is in-between those who are a success and why other people are complete failures.

Everyone who has experienced success in life can say that it required more than time-consuming, hard work. They’ll say that it required centered thought. They’ll say that they occupied their mind with the direct desire to achieve a particular goal of success. They’ll mention that they wrote down their ultimate goal every single day and read it outloud. They’ll say something like, “The 1st thing I said to myself every morning before I achieved my goal was X, Y, Z.” They’ll say that they envisioned and dreamed of themselves achieving what they desired on a regular basis. They’ll say they specifically thought about whatever it is they desired to experience in life, everyday.

“The reason why some people fail, is because they simply… don’t think.” – Dr. Malachi Z. York.

We have to think about what it is we want to achieve in life. We have to meditate on the specific goal daily. Human beings are creative by nature. We give birth to everything through the canal of the cerebellum. Certain people work all their lives, very, very hard, and manage to never achieve anything in particular. However, other people that appear to not do much of anything, achieve success seemingly by nature. Why is this? What causes this to happen? No one can say it does not happen, we all see it all the time.

The difference between those two types of people are what they think about. We become what we think about. If you do not think about this, it is not a mystery on why you too, are a failure.

The reason why certain people fail in life, is simply because: they just don’t think. I can certainly agree to that.

I’ve tried the excersize in my life once, and occupied my mind with a specific goal. I believe that success is when you are moving towards a specific self-chosen goal, applying daily action towards that goal. I did everything I thought was neccessary to move towards my specific goal. At the time, I had just moved into my parents house, after an embarrassing failure in my work endeavors. I had not money, no assets, no tools. I had to pawn everything of value that I owned. I had moved from New Jersey to Florida, in a desperate attempt to hold on to a life that I was failing to create, taking a job with an architect who was 10 times more unstable as I was. I attracted that opportunity into my life at the worst of times, because instability was what was occupying my mind daily. I had manifested the worst scenario for the situation I was in, as possible. This sequence of events, of hard times required me to have to give up and return home; living at my parents houses.

Once I hit rock bottom, I made the decision to change my thinking. I completely revised the mindset I had negatively created in my mind. I realized that I had severe issues with the perception of money, work, success and independence. It took 8 months for me to completely zap these horrid thinking habits. After they were killed, I had a complete idea of what I wanted to set for my goals, and how I was going to take daily action to achieve them each day.

My ultimate goal and idea of success was to become a wealthy author and entreprenuer. I want to help people, create jobs and inspire people to do creative work. But the first practical goal I aimed to set, was to get out of my parents house. I accomplished that, after much focus and energy by applying my thoughts. I fell into a job opportunity and as it manifested out of the clear blue, my ticket out of Texas was set in stone.

Somewhere down the line I did not collapse my mind to continue to revise my negative thinking patterns as they related to jobs, work and money. When I arrived at my destination, eventually I realized that I had manifested a place in real life that was a direct reflection of my mindset towards work and money. I was more concerned with leaving home and getting a decent job, as oppose to healing my negative thought patterns with wealth and poverty. I ended up working at a legendary company, in a completely “new position” that was created out of thin air, but still could not afford to live in the decent area near my workplace. The city in which I had to live, was the epitome of poverty, isolation, individuals with a poor mentality and lack of direction. Schenectady, New York.

I had managed to manifest a city that I had never heard of in my life, but was actually a direct physical manifestation of what my thoughts were. Schenectady is a town full of but slum lords, bums, ex-convicts from New York City, mentally ill people, drug addicts, alcholics, unemployed workers and theives. It is the direct manifestation of where my mind was centered around, as it relates to money and work. It was based from thoughts of lack and failure.

I’ve always been the type to constantly travel to town to town upon desire, for new opportunities. But when I became stuck in a town that was a direct manifestation of my negative thinking, I realized I was in-turn changing to match my environment. After I realized that all I could think about was what negativity was surrounding me, the more negativity and failure I drew towards myself. I became stuck physically, in the actual town and in my apartment. It was as if because I was stuck in my way of thinking, I could not find a way out of town either. I had not re-newed my mind to think on what I actually wanted and what I had came to work towards.

When I learned that the actual name, “Schenectady”, meant “the end of the road and no road out”(a native american name); it hit me. I realized that my physical manifestation of my surroundings had actualized. I realized that I had created the experience of being stuck physically, through my subconcious thoughts which influenced my daily actions. I found it ironic that the place that embodied what I was feeling was in itself named “Schenectady = the end of the road, and no road out.”

I decided to change my thoughts. I am slowly finding my way home.

It’s just like the movie, The Wizard of Oz (Frank Baum – the writer also is from right around the corner in Schenectady), when we have a period in our lives where what we were seeking was inside of us the whole time. I’ve had that moment. I’m living that moment now, even after I thought I knew and understood the power of the mind. It’s like how each character; the tin man, the lion, the scarecrow and Dorothy, were each trying to get to Oz to obtain something they wanted and had the whole time.

They were applying daily action. They were seeking. They were moving daily, from place to place, trying to reach their destination. However, once they got to Oz they were dissapointed because it was not what they had expected. When they finally met the Wizard they realized that his game was all a mental act of illusion. They each learned that everything they were seeking was inside of them the whole time. It’s that simple, a child’s story like this sums it up; making us all stop and laugh.

It can be the same way for finding success. We each have the ability to manifest success, inside mentally. We just have to actually think, and think wisely.

It’s not always about taking physical action to me now. Sometimes that sends us on a journey that may have been unneccesary. It’s not that we didn’t learn anything by taking the road, but maybe we’re just giving ourselves a hard lesson on a fact that we already know of.

If you are not a success, what are you thinking about? If you are not thinking, then this is why you have failed. But if you have, keep knowing that the power to create success and keep it, comes from your mind.