What is the purpose of life? Do I have a purpose?

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The purpose of life is quite simple, and as a result overlooked.  Part of the purpose of life is for you to express your individual purpose, because you were created to express that purpose on earth and only you can do so!

The word “resurrect” means to bring something back from a dead. It means to rejuvenate and put into use. What does the words “resurrect” and “purpose” have in common?  They are the two things that you must do while you spend time here on Earth to help live the ultimate life. You must Resurrect the purpose that is lying dormant in you.

Your purpose is inside of you.  If you don’t know what your purpose is yet, it is laying there dormant.

What is purpose? Purpose is the divine ability and expression of the hidden potential you were created to share here on the Earth.  Success is the divine enablement to walkout your given purpose.  You cannot have success without purpose, nor purpose without success.

You were born with the knowledge and ability of your life purpose in your DNA. It takes introspection to find, and applying your life force into it is a requirement in order for it to come alive. When we were created we were created for a reason, and before the foundation of the world was formed this was embedded into our genome.

Don’t create your purpose, just unleash it

The material things of the world are simply experiences to most wise people like you, and not the true currency of life. You took a risk when you chose to incarnate into the body, but you only submitted yourself to separation from the Ether because you have purpose embedded throughout your time spent on Earth.

There is a spiritual side to purpose. Purpose is not just about finding the perfect job, doing what one wants daily, traveling the world, or seeking certain experiences to experience happiness and pleasure.

You are wise, and you know that happiness is simply an event. Joy is what you should seek in life. Joy is long-lasting, and promising. You can live in joy and still undergo the negative experiences in life.

Purpose is about living out what you incarnated in the physical realm to do. Purpose is not created by man, nor is it chosen by us. We do not “Create” our purpose.  If you did not initiate or control the act of existing, then you can not create your purpose.

You must find the purpose that was created and put inside of you before your incarnation.  God said he knew us all before He created us in the womb.

Many of us do create our purposes. We allow life to happen to us, or we simply adapt to our environment, versus choosing to make room for our original self to emerge.

Yes the physical body has needs, but once they are met – one must pursue other factors within the physical realm. Why spend your entire existence working to satisfy and maintain the of basic needs of the body? That is easy to do.

When one masters this and finds that the chase of material resources a basic task of life, which it is, you must continue the path towards self-actualization.

We are intuitive beings by nature. Listening to your heart will lead you into the right direction, even though fear will attempt to block your progression. The key is to let yourself stay close to what feels most natural for you and brings you joy at the same time. Remember, that joy allows us to take the good with the bad.

If anyone ever said that finding their purpose was easy in life, they are worth questioning. Even strong souls such as Jesus Christ and Gandhi questioned their purpose for their Earthly incarnations. In order for them to fulfill their true purpose they had to allow themselves to experience some periods where they felt uncomfortable.

Very few people are born into world, knowing their purpose. Many people are born into the world knowing what they want to do, or what they have a natural gift for. However, most likely their gifts are to serve as platforms for themselves.

“Your gifts will make room for you,” is a popular saying from the Old Testament. We should all consider the interpretation of that scripture to mean, “Your gifts are simply a manifestation of your true purpose. The gifts will make room for you and your true self to emerge.”

This thought is worthy of meditation. Your life is worthy of deep introspection on what you should place your time in doing.

Needs vs. wants

Needs are what any human being must have to survive. “Wants” are whatever that human being decides to add towards their needs. What does this mean? It means that your wants are just as important as your needs, where as contrary thought would have you believing that your wants are not mandatory. We are brought up to believe that our wants do not take precedence in our lives.

We have been conditioned through school through childhood and in the workplace as adults, that what we want is not as important as what we need. Discipline, discipline, discipline. Conform, conform, conform. Obey, obey, obey. Suppress, suppress, suppress. Any idea why almost 50% of Americans are clinically depressed?  Is it possible our way of living has stagnated? Is it possible that we have evolved as human beings, and currently seek more than just controlled, systematic lives, mundane suburbia and 4 year college “degree” programs?

Why do you do the things that you do? Is it passion? Desire? Filling a void? Do you even know? A life without purpose is wasting a lot God given potential.

If you knew who you where, you would not do this.  We are told in biblical text that people perish for a lack of knowledge.  It is better to have knowledge of your purpose and thrive, than continue living a life feeling dead on the inside.

Sometimes our passions are the only signals we have towards our purpose.  Becoming systematically numb and controlled by conformity, our passions are signs that our hearts are still alive.  If we allow ourselves to feel, our purpose can be unleashed through the desires of our hearts.

We must always give precedence to our hearts.  But if we do not know who we are, we cannot simply look at our passions.  In order to discover purpose we must understand who we are, where we are going, and why we are here.  This can be the most imperative concept we can adopt in this time period of evolution.

We are moving into an age of creativity.  We have previously been in the information age.  In this age of technology, digitization and robots, our hearts and our emotions will be the only things differentiating us from the machines.  In terms of our working lives and livelihood, this is why the experts say that emotional labor, will be the saving grace of the working class of humanity. 

Not degrees, not discipline, not perfection, not excellent productivity performance. These changes are all a result of the advancement of technology.

It is our minds that will bring about change. Our minds, with the heart of creativity, will keep our place in the world. If we decide to renew our minds, we will find our true purpose of existence.

The technological/creativity age brings about a broader possibility for all humanity to reach self-actualization. This allows everyone the opportunity to explore their purpose in life, and explore the deeper potentials and higher levels of creativity.

Technology does not have to be our enemy, if we change our minds.  Technology can be the tool that aids us into awareness, ushering us into a life that genuinely places importance on exploring self-actualization, instead of living the rat race chase of safety, security and other basic needs.

If discovering your purpose is a desire for you, I challenge you with this question first: Do you know who you are?