Are you a spiritual prostitute?

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Before I explore the topic at hand, “are you a spiritual prostitute?”, I’d like to reference a disclaimer: this post is not for everybody. This post is specifically for hue-man beings who are on the brink of an awakening. It’s also for those who are evolving into their own open minded education projects and are a regular reader of my work.  One reason why I created 9th Mind was to go deep.  Going deep requires keeping it real. Going deep requires fearlessness.  Going deep requires looking at the facts, history and then projecting it into our future.

If you do not want to find out if you are a spiritual prostitute, do not continue reading.  What you may learn in the following may be disturbing.  Finding out that you signed up to be pimped by a pimp that knows you in and out, but whom you do not know anything about is mindboggling. You may even go through denial if you are not ready to hear this, because more than likely you are a spiritual prostitute.

I call it spiritual prostitituion, but ultimately it has nothing to do with a set religion or a particular type of spirituality.  It is about the act of taking your natural gifts, talents and ideas to a system for their benefit (not yours), in exchange for money (selling yourself short).  If you are working for a corporation in exchange of time, energy, talent and ideas, for money, you are receiving half of what you are worth.  The system in which we live is not set up for you to succeed.  This system is not for your benefit, and never will be. Democrat, republican, black, conservative, it does not matter. You are just cattle among the masses, helping to feed a system of greed and death.

You know you are a spiritual prostitute if:

+ You have new and organic ideas, but instead demonstrate your insanity

You have great ideas for ways that you can excersize your talents.  They pop up out of the blue all the time.  You write them down as they come.  You think about it.  You keep the ideas in the back of your mind.  But you do nothing.  You continue to go to work everyday.  You keep getting up in the morning simply to spend the day in a box.  You stay unhappy, expecting different results, making no changes, ever.  You find comfort from thoughts like, “I’m getting money!…” or “Thank God it is friday!….”  You complain about your miserable job with your miserable co-workers over lunch.  You repeat this month after month, expecting things to get better.  You make no changes, and as a result: you demonstrate your insanity to the world because you do the same crap daily and have the nerve to expect different results.

+You have credit cards and other debt

When you borrow money from a corporate system that is built where the rich are the only getting richer and the poor are the only getting their life sucked out from them – you are feeding into a cycle to keep it all going.  Credit cards are a manifestation of “human” worth in this corrupt society.  Using credit cards birth debt, scarcity and a continuation of a loss of power.  Debt ensures life long servant hood to your borrower.  Debt ensures that you will only go X far in the world. As long as you owe the master something, you are obligated to give him your life. Credit cards are the plastic version of a old metal noose.

Think about it.  It reminds me of a time when a friend and I went to get cars from Enterprise’s rent-to-buy system.  We both could not qualify for cars because we had no credit. The exact words from the representative was: “You do not qualify because you are considered a ghost in the federal banking system.  None of our banks will qualify you because you have no credit history. We deal with many and each one has said no.”

Shocked I replied, “A ghost? How is that possible?  I’m right here, and you’re looking at me in the flesh.  I have a well-paying corporate job, working full-time.  I’m certainly not a ghost and I need a car to get to work.”

Days afterward, I was still thinking about that conversation.  I realized that I was working for two corporate entities (America and my employer) and was being punished for not having any history of monetary borrowing.  It was as if I was being reprimanded for just now coming to borrow money.  They denied giving me the “privilege” to give them my hard earned money, for something I needed to continue to keep working for them!

When we were born, the corporate entity (called America) signed an agreement with a federal reserve banking system that estimated your worth.  You were given a number, and as you evolve that number changes accordingly.  When you work a particular job your income is fixed to a certain amount.  More than likely it is not a true reflection of what you’re actually worth, nor worth the value of the work you may do – but is based on how much the federal reserve will actually make off  of what it is you do. 

This is why basketball players get rich by tossing a plastic ball around, and state agency social workers who save children from death, live off ramen noodles in comparison. If the federal bank can’t profit from what you are doing, you won’t get paid what you deserve. 

If you have debt, you signed up to borrow money.  No one cares if it was for school or a loan to get a car.  The fact remains that you are indebted to that debt, and this ensures your working contribution to a corporate society that doesn’t care if you live or die. If you are a true hue-man you should work for 2-4 years tops (if you must), save some and start your own business immediately.

+ You have no problem with working for someone else

If you are one of those people who claim to love your job, love what you do and love to get up and go to work in the morning, congratulations! You’ve received your reward.  Sadly, people like this may never get delivered from prostitution, because they can not recognize the bondage nor chains they’re in.  More than likely, you will never be saved.

As long as you are still taking your gifts, knowledge, talent, ideas and skills to benefit someone else and their “corporation”, who care nothing about you, you are committing spiritual prostitution.  Your talents should be used among your own people, in your own collective community, for the advancement of a new society that places true worth of all.  Not some invisible elite.

+ You are black and think you are free

Hue-mans (whom I am speaking to directly because they are my primary concern) must know that some of you were here in America before Columbus.  Even those few that arrived from Africa, were on the Earth before everyone else. This means you existed before any of the “corporations”, “federal banking systems”, “the consititution”, “citizenship laws” and anything else.  Naturally, you should first be left to live by the natural laws, and only secondly by man’s law.

Right before the 13 corporations were formed and the constitution was signed in America, a treaty was signed in-between the indigenous people and the European.  This treaty designated that the black indigenous retained the right to live by the natural laws of god, continue to trade among the nations of the world and to live in peace among the newly settled Europeans.  This is why the 2 dollar bill is gone.  It showed the black dude that was  representing your tribe, signing the agreement.

Blacks were never supposed to live under the american constitutional law.  You are natural born citizens, not citizens of America.  We should have never fallen for a fight of civil rights or joined that movement, because we could not have been given any rights.  Even though we gave over our power and were fighting for “equal rights”, it was not the Eurpoean man’s responsibility to give it to us.  We should have stayed true to our natural law.  We should have never been reaching out to Man, giving away our power to foreign belief systems and laws of folly.

This is what Booker T. Washington, founder of my alma-mater tried to teach us.  When you lift the veil of ignorance, you are breaking the chains of slavery- which is simply mental.  We had our own laws. You can still live by them now. You don’t need America’s corporation, and they don’t want you anyway.  The gatekeepers don’t look like you and they don’t care. If you are black and do not know this, thank God this realization.  It’s black and white.  Even white people know this fact now.  It’s not just older, white men in corporate, high profile “jobs” that know this either; but young, blonde, clueless workers that happen to get platforms and avenues of influence.  They get their opportunities based off what they know about this.  They write things like this proving that point.

If you are a “minority” of a darker color working for a minority elite corporation of greed, you are a spiritual prosititute.


How do you break free from prostitution?  Start by taking your gifts and talents back for the benefit of yourself and those around you. Release the slave mind by reading and educating yourself.  Stop allowing others to profit from your ignorance.  The solution to prosititution is this: continue to work if you must, for no more than 4 years and save your butt off.  Quit, purchase land and start your business. Plant a garden.

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