Are you a spiritual prostitute?

Written by: Nikoya | Tweet Me Before I explore the topic at hand, “are you a spiritual prostitute?”, I’d like to reference a disclaimer: this post is not for everybody. This post is specifically for hue-man beings who are on the brink of an awakening. It’s also for those who are evolving into their own open minded education projects and are […]

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What is the purpose of life? Do I have a purpose?

Written by: Nikoya | Tweet Me The purpose of life is quite simple, and as a result overlooked.  Part of the purpose of life is for you to express your individual purpose, because you were created to express that purpose on earth and only you can do so! The word “resurrect” means to bring something back from […]

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Digital age of conformity – bloggers promoting a false image of success

Written by: Nikoya  |  Tweet Me We all know that success can be defined as a positive realization towards a worthy ideal.  If you are working towards a predetermined goal and know where you’re going, you are, by definition a success.  Success is a progressive realization of any worthy ideal, of one’s choosing. There is one major thorn that […]

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Why you are not a success

Written by: Nikoya | Tweet Me There are a lot of subjects in the world, that perplex the human mind. The mind itself is still somewhat of a mystery, and not fully understood. We do not know all about how the mind works, but we do know that we have the power to create ideas, […]

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the creative gland in your body – what is the pineal gland?

Written by: Nikoya | Tweet Me The pineal gland is a pine cone resembling crystal in the center of your brain. Scientifically, it is the gland that produces sleep phases by creating the hormone melatonin.  It is often called the third eye, and rightfully so.  The pineal gland has much to offer when it comes to creativity, insight, intuition […]

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