writing prophetically

Ron thought that everything he wrote sucked. If he had held on to that opinion, we would not have the beloved collection of the Twilight Zone.

Ron didn’t have to worry about SEO. He didn’t have to worry about a blog layout. He didn’t have to consider joining social networks.

Ron didn’t need to self-promote on Twitter & Stumbleupon. He was able to use that time writing more. He didn’t have to worry about generating traffic & attracting daily subscribers. He just wrote.

Most critics say that timeless writing is the best. However, since the dawn of the web, technical, monotonous, hum-drum how-to writing prevails. Writing technically is considered a skill. Being a modern day writer is less about art and more about getting a rise out of people via tweets and clicks.

I’m saying this out of perspective of both fiction writer & music producer.

Since I work solely with conscious artists & lyricists, my pockets run dry. If you’re saying anything new, or of value, musically, you draw a smaller crowd. Being real. With writing fiction, same shit.

If technological resources can take a toll on our ability of creating art, what is it doing to our natural minds?

Are we really evolving the way we should? Is my personality really my own? Or is it a morph of the 150 people we follow on twitter? Are we on the ladder for a synthetic evolution?

Not only do we have to feel paranoid about what we may want to say because the CIA may be surveilling our digital existence, but now we must consider if we are becoming more dependent on technology in a way it effects our cognitive minds.

I believe the best writing is prophetic storytelling. If you can write something intriguing today, only for it to unfold in the future, and someone remembers your work during that time, that’s art.

There is not a week that passes where I don’t hear anyone say, “man, I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone..”

That’s why I love writers like Philip Dick & lyricists like Crizere.

I believe my writing is prophetic & I choose to not doubt that it will be used as a guide one day. That is, if Google allows it to be dug up from all the noise on the net and read by a real, living and breathing human.