the mayan prophecy – the end of days

There is a lot of noise floating around the media, consumer markets and the web, revolving around the Mayan 2012 prophecy. Many have a loose understanding on what the prophecy is all about.  It is understandable where the confusion is emerges.  There is a surplus of misplaced and unrehearsed information published about the very interesting Mayan Prophecy.  We see the prophecy often depicted as a negative event, like the destruction of the world or another form of catastrophe.

In Hollywood, writers and directors center the manifestation of the Mayan prophecy around a fear based model.  This means that the central image of what they are trying to communicate to you is rooted in fear.  This is done to entertain, strike interest and open an avenue in which they can capitalize on.

In consumer markets, such as books, magazine publications and literature, the Mayan prophecy is molded around curiosity, propaganda and fear.  On the web, you see a combination of both fear and curiosity based models – with a splash of imperfect information and knowledge, to strike attention from readers.

The Mayan prophecy is very ancient, dating back to the time only those who were indigenous of the Americas lived in the land.  The birth of the prophecy started with the Olmec civilization, the indigenous people living in the lands of South America and Mexico. They are considered the root or parent of the Maya.  One of the authentic truths, that is proven by fossil records, wood, soil samples, sculptures and other historical documentation, is that the Olmec were of African and “black” origin.

One of the additional truths when you examine these documents and records, is that they were not the “Native American”, Mexican or “American Indian”, as the majority depicts today.  They also were not the Mesopotamian or Aztecan people that we see in that land today.  They were the first, original, indigenous people; with big lips, wide noses and wooly hair – resembling the common African or Black man we see today.


This is important to understand before diving in the facts of authentic Mayan prophecy.  The authentic meaning of the Mayan calendar is most easily understood when you know the honest history behind it.  It is important because it proves how ancient this calendar system is.  We are dealing with old, old knowledge when we talk about the Mayan calendar.  But why is there so much hidden information about these facts – that the Olmec are of African roots?

Why are many of the theorists, historians and writers of the Mayan prophecy not educating the public on this, while they so quickly choose to use their content and predictions in their work?  Why are there so few people of color sharing knowledge about the Mayan culture, other than KRS-One, Malachi York and a few other anonymous bloggers?

Is it because ignorance is bliss when it comes to consumerism, and fear sells when there are invisible hands controlling the information?

The meaning of the Mayan prophecy

The Mayan prophecy revolves around a system of time, planet alignment and universal cycles.  It is based off of a 13 planet calendar system.  The Mayan’s understood the planetary bodies within our universe.  They knew about the stars and planets, possibly more than our modern day scientists and astronomers know.  They understood that there were other universes, and many moons and suns in each one.

On the brink of December 21, 2012 at 11:11, we will be at the final turn of the 5,125 year phase, of this era.  A new age is predicted to emerge, as it relates to time, space and how we live.  The Olmec understood natural laws of time.  For the past 5,125 years, we have been living under an artificial time system.  We have been following a system of time that is outside of the natural laws of the universe.  When we live following the artificial method of time, our minds, bodies and hearts follow suite.  We be come disillusioned to the meaning of life, purpose and why we are ultimately here.

Mankind is about to experience a re-awakening in this new era, and it will be one that will cause a lot of change in how we live, what we believe in and how we operate amongst ourselves on planet Earth.  Consumerism, over-population, waste, and healthy solutions to disease are some of the things that this new world will be primarily concerned with.  The days where greed, control and oppression ruled and reared it’s ugly head, will be eliminated.

The goal by those in control is to illicit fear into the masses, to keep their control as long as possible.  That is why wars and rumors of wars, foreign country invasion for resources, power illusion tactics (like putting a black man in the white house) biomedical warfare and food-disease creation is in motion, in full force.  Those in power can sense (and know) that their days of control are coming to an end. The last will be first, and the first will be last again. Causing the end of this time to present itself.

True meaning of the “end of time”

The shift of the new era has already begun on the Earth.  The end of time as we have known it in the past is coming to an end.  It is not anything to fear, just know that if you have incarnated in the era of time, you have spiritual work to do to help re-balance the Earth.  The transition can be harsh, or it can be smooth.  It is all up to our perceptions and where we stand.  If we choose to cling to artificial time, our hearts and minds will be left behind in the evolution process.  Our lives will continue to surround an artificial meaning of existence.

The “end of time” concept has become stories of doomsday, destruction, fear, and death.  This is not true.  The Mayan prophecy is essentially about evolution, and the start of a new level of consciousness.  It does not have to be anything dark or fear-based, unless you make it that way.

The best thing to do is to take the remaining time and reflect on how you can create a positive effect for your life, family and those around you.  Put your energy in your inner voice, put a vibration out into the universe saying that you only want to attract greatness. I have direct experience doing this, and have read some solid material on how to begin such practice, to enrich the quality of life.

The new age movement that picked up momentum over the past few years, was really ancient content.  It should have been called the old age movement.  The planetary transitions are cyclical, and so is our existence.  These ancient secrets, prophecies and systems are not all fluff, they all have some essential truths embedded into their story.

The best thing to do in the year 2012 is to absorb as much knowledge you can.  In addition to the many changes that will take place during this transition, the information age may also be tampered or eliminated.  We have already observed a few attempt at this with the SOPA and PIPA situations.  This is the time to obtain as much right knowledge about what is going on in the world around you.  It is a great year of meditation, fasting, inner reflections and change.

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  1. Nobody has accurately ineteprterd the Mayan Calender. Most historians say it probably means major changes for the planet, not necessarily the end of the world. Climate change will sort out the human race in the next 100yrs anyway. We wont evolve quick enough with the planet, because we only care about money. No government will invest real money until its too late. The old saying It wont happen in my lifetime . It will happen in somebodys lifetime!

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