the mayan prophecy – the end of days

There is a lot of noise floating around the media, consumer markets and the web, revolving around the Mayan 2012 prophecy. Many have a loose understanding on what the prophecy is all about.  It is understandable where the confusion is emerges.  There is a surplus of misplaced and unrehearsed information published about the very interesting Mayan Prophecy.  We […]

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“resurrect the purpose” – book launch

  I have finished writing and editing my first tablet (digital book), entitled, Resurrect the Purpose. The publishing method is a little different for this, especially since I do not write much non-fiction.  I try only to write about things that I believe to have something new to say on the topic.  I have a […]

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writing prophetically

Ron thought that everything he wrote sucked. If he had held on to that opinion, we would not have the beloved collection of the Twilight Zone. Ron didn’t have to worry about SEO. He didn’t have to worry about a blog layout. He didn’t have to consider joining social networks. Ron didn’t need to self-promote […]

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