9th Mind









The beta version includes:



+ motivational narrative guiding you into the realization of why you incarnated on Earth

+ functional strategies for revealing your purpose, while becoming independent

+ discover why it is imperative that we all become self-dependent economically & mentally now more than ever

+ probing questions & practical prompts that create an organized foundation for your economical independence

+ practical strategies that will introduce you to your highest self

+ an example of "purpose resurrected" from one of the most ancient mysteries on Earth






 +++ This digital booklet functions as both an eBook & a journal for the reader.  I wrote it for the reader to read once, then to read a second time while journaling responses to the questions within.  I envision you, the reader, to meditate on your notes from the question within the booklet.  Upon the completion of Part 6, which is seperate from each part - the reader should have a solid foundation of practical purpose that can be encorporated into economical & mental independence.  The book serves to do what it is entitled to: Resurrect your purpose.  It serves as a tool to help introduce yourself to your "highest self".  The completely evolved you.







 "A Motivational digest for purposeful living while we stand 
on the peak of an independent evolution, together "


"Technology has made human evolution result around wealth
that comes from the heart.
The revelation of purpose is the currency of the heart."
"The world is becoming more 'self-reliable'. Co-dependency within the
economy is becoming a negative factor in the technological world.
The employee + corporation relationship make less sense in 2012.
If something does not get complete or has failed
to be invented, who's fault is it? Yours."

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