Who are you?

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Written by: Nikoya

8ea618bc387b11e1abb01231381b65e3_7Identity. Is it something we actively think about? Or, is this concept called identity, something that processes in the background of our brain computer? Is the idea of “identity” similar to the driver that runs in the background on laptops in order for different applications to display for use?

Mainly. If we do not actively select to consider what entails of our identity.

So, what do we say when we think about identity?  How do you identify who you are? What do you consider to be an identifying characteristic of who you are? When we study the mind, we have learned that ones concept of self identity is directly related to their ultimate level of success achieved in life.

Identity is not necessarily a role you play, the capacity you work in, or a title you may hold. Identity is about knowing who you are and who you will become.  We become what we think about, and if we identify ourselves by our current thoughts, we can only expect to be just that.

It’s that simple.

We are who we think we are. And if we identify ourselves by our own thoughts, we identify ourselves by what we think we are. This is why knowing our past, our history and origins, is vital in our development as a culture and an individual. Let’s take it step by step to discover ourselves and tweak this thing called “identity”.

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