the creative gland in your body – what is the pineal gland?

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The pineal gland is a pine cone resembling crystal in the center of your brain.

Scientifically, it is the gland that produces sleep phases by creating the hormone melatonin.  It is often called the third eye, and rightfully so.  The pineal gland has much to offer when it comes to creativity, insight, intuition and thought.  It is located inside of the deep center of the brain, lying in-between the two hemispheres.  Ancient civilizations knew of the pineal gland, and believed that it was the “third eye”, seeing beyond space and time.  In metaphysics, it is referred to as the 6th Chakra; home of the concept of “6th sense”; related to prophecy, revelation and vision.

The pineal gland is activated by light.  You can feel a sensation in the back of your head, when it is stimulated.  The Egyptians loved the pineal gland.  They drew it on walls, they wrote about it, and created statues of it.


The Egyptian/Kemetic culture viewed the pineal gland as the “black crystal of creativity”.  They knew that the pineal gland was an advanced organ of the body which was worthy of acknowledgement and daily nurturing.  The “third eye” was viewed as the only sacred function of the brain. European civilization teaches that when the Egyptians mummified a body they preserved all the vital organs, minus the brain.  This is not true.  The Egyptians preserved the pineal gland, and I believe it safe to say that European researchers discovered this gland by Kemetic inspiration.

What is intriguing is that the “Eye of Horus” resembles medical drawings of the brain, and the number 9.  “9” is the highest number, signifying self-actualization, creativity, power, prophecy and intuition.

Activating the pineal gland

Activating your pineal gland stimulates insight, your ability to receive divine inspiration for creative work and the reception of ideas.  There is much you can do to achieve the awakening of the pineal gland.  For one, it is activated by light.  This is a common reason why meditation excercise will begin by suggesting to envision a white light around you or with your body.

One lifestyle suggestion for activating the pineal gland, first and foremost: eating an electric, alkaline diet or at the minimum a vegan diet. This important because the body can become a nest for contrary energy, like sickness, disease or bacteria.  When we have alkaline bodies, our body is electrical, allowing us the power to activate every chakra – particularly the pineal gland. Fasting is a great way to transition into an alkaline diet, allowing the body to heal itself and its aura.  This is the time to eliminate alcohol, cigs or any drugs.

Second, apply action towards your creative work each day.

Whatever your work (creative mission) is, make sure you put it in motion allowing your third eye to be stimulated.  Work with the intentional thought and purpose of opening your third eye.  If you are exploring what your creative work is, meditate instead.  If you want to go deep with this, read Resurrect The Purpose , the digital eBook I expand on this.

Third, sleep with a dream journal next to your bed with the intention to dream relevant dreams.  This excercise will speak to your subconscious and say, “I’m ready to show the unknown to my waking life.” Just try it.  You’ll be intrigued on how the mind responds.

Fourthly, study numerology.  Studying a practical system that is intended to show hidden revelation, trains the mind to think in a wise and mystical fashion.

Not only will you create a determined focus and clear vision for your months and years based on a higher system; you also program the thought patterns to interpret such system into your psychological framework.

Last, study herbs and holistic elements of the Earth.  There is much knowledge hidden in the Earth, and it is old with wisdom.  The Earth provides all the elements that we need to live our lives to the highest potential.  Even younger wisdom books, like the bible for example, let us know that “there is a balm in Gilead, to heal the sleeping soul.” Certain herbs are known to activate all of our glands in the body.  Likewise there are certain herbal remedies that aid in activating the Third Eye.

If you’d like to go deeper with me on awakening your third eye, sign up for a private session.

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