The truth about the origin of Man and your life purpose

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Written by: Nikoya  |  Author of Resurrect the Purpose

There are theories of the origin of man which connect us with many beginnings.  Typically we hear about the usual theories: eve-olving from the great ape or gorilla, the Neanderthal, or from other primitive versions of man, that look more humane than human. But a few years ago, modern man’s science has jumped on a mental jet stream, that has touched the surface of the truth.  When it was leaked to the public of western culture, I realized that everything that I learned from my Master Teachers had been correct.

Their recent findings also confirm that modern science and discovery is elementary in its understanding and development.  Researchers have confirmed that we are only “re-discovering” elements from our past, and that many ancient texts from the land of Sumeria, have told the stories of our origins that they are re-discovering now.

Ancient truths about the origin of Man

The Sumerian tablets talk about angelic/alien beings called the Annunaki, that came to earth. The texts say that they came from the planet Nibiru, the planet that researchers refer to as Planet X.  This planet has a very large orbit within our solar system, and for many years was too far out for scientists to confirm.  It was said that the Annunaki came to Earth in search of natural resources, like gold to save their planet, but realized they could genetically alter the DNA of existing species (theorized as primitive man or even ape) on the Earth to make as slaves for the purpose of obtaining the resources they need.

The Mesopotamian writings are written in cuneiform on clay tablets.  The media pushes Zecharia Sitchin’s work as an authority and leader of the interpretation of the texts, but there are others with us that are solid teachers and wise leaders doing similar work.

In a nutshell, the ancient writings from Sumeria (modern-day Iraq), pre-date everything including the Egyptians and biblical times.  The Old testament of the hebrew bible was an attempt to re-tell the Sumerian story.  The stories of Egyptian “mythology” serve as a mirrored memory and more accurate account of the Sumerian tablet truths.

The origin of humane “man”

The “sons of god” from Genesis, is a mirrored account of when the Annunaki came to Earth from the heavens to create man in the image and likeness of themselves. When Genesis says, “and God said,’let us make man in our image and in our likeness…'” The parallel is clear. However, the Sumerian texts specify the creation process showing us that man was created in a lab using the super-intelligent technology by the Annunaki.

It is a fact that we only use 1/3 of our brains. Why is this? We have their image, their bodies and faces, but we do not all have the same mental capacity that they do.  When they first created man and saw that they had created a tower so advanced that it reached the deep heavens (the watered down version of this story is the Tower of Babel) they realized that they made a mistake related to our mental ability.

That is when they decided to confuse the languages and cause confusion among earthly beings. The confirmation of the ancient texts truth is not only seen through our DNA, but in the mind.

Scientists have confirmed the valid idea that humans are not natural to the Earth, because we do not have any natural place or habitat on the Earth.  They admit there is a missing link to our origin of existence scientifically.

Thus, humane man was created and the Annunaki succeeded in their experiment. A slave species was alive on the Earth.  The life purpose of humane man was to be a slave.

Are you humane or a human?

As I wrote in 8 reasons why you are celestial being versus a terrestrial being, there is a difference between certain men.  The humane “man’s” purpose is on a beast level.  It is about working to survive; for eating, drinking and repeating.  It is about conforming and living a life based on animalistic natures versus the contrary.  The humane man’s highest form of evolution is to realize its animalistic natures (popularly coined as “sin”) and strive a battle with its flesh.

Not all humane men embark on this level of awakening.  Even when a humane man is aware of their animalistic nature, they do not always select to tame it.  Besides religion, they also select to excercise their animalistc natures through the concepts of hate, discrimination, prejudices and fanaticism.

Humane beings don’t usually reach self-actualization.  Not because they can’t evolve into it, but because they choose not to. They reject evolving by repeating common lifestyles.

There are other versions of the humane species on the Earth.  When Genesis talks about when the “sons of God” came to Earth and saw that the women were fair (when the giants or the men of renown were present) and mated with them, another version of man was born.  Some theorists say this was the act of creation for all humans itself, but some say it was another breeding experiment for another purpose.

In truth, this was an account about the birth of the little gods of the Earth, the Elohim.  These beings are refered to in the New Testament as those who were “a little lower than the angels” but in the hebrew language the translation is “the little gods“. The elohim are human beings.

The story of the origin of man has many versions through ancient texts that is slowly being confirmed by science.  Many variations of the same story are told in the Hebrew bible, Mesopotamian writings, Sumerian cuneiform tablets and Egyptian mythology writings.

The origin of humane man is a result of being made in a lab by the Annunaki, for the purpose of being a slave. The human being, however, has a deeper purpose for living.  One must re-discover the past to discover their life purpose.

The truth creates a place for you in the world

Studying the origins of man is intriguing, but many people often ask: what am I suppose to do with this information? What does it benefit me to know this?

Honestly, if someone has to tell you this, then you are not even trying to use your own mind.  It is okay to wonder how, but please, use your imagination. 🙂

Knowing the truth is all.  Yeshua said, “the truth shall set you free”. What does that mean to you?

The truth is the light of the Earth. You, as human beings are the activator.  Previously, I wrote that we are here to be avatars of divine, celestial energy on the Earth.  I believe this is what those who have worked to understand human nature and the mind have told us for a long time.  Carl Jung attempted to say it in psychological terms.  Manslow might have pushed it into modern success when he coined the concept of “self-actualization”.

When you can see truth, the world looks different.  The things that the masses have created this world to be no longer seem necessary.  When you have truth, all you need is alignment and a platform.  Everything else is secondary.

We have a purpose because we are human beings.  We were intentionally made to complete that purpose.  Only you can figure out your purpose. For now, we now know another way to begin revealing our purpose, and that is by re-discovering the past.

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