The price of productivity

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Time waits for no man. Cliche? Yes. It’s so cliche and common to hear that we so become numb to the true value of the time that we have.

What does it cost you, in time, energy and money, to lose productivity?

Do you even know?

Are you living a life that is costing you years of mistakes simply because of a lesson that you refuse to learn?

Or are you losing your spiritual inheritance because you have taken the easy route to avoid fear?

Are you costing yourself millions of dollars because you aren’t maximizing the use of your time?  Are you leaving untapped potential to rot in your soul because you choose to cling to a soul-sucking, dead end job?

I know that I have lost 5+ years of my life to the beast of un-productivity and fruitfulness.  It was lost to a variety of false masters such as alcohol, co-dependent relationships and indecision. My mind often drifts back to that time and replays past events.

I imagine where I could have been and what I would have accomplished, had I not submitted to those masters of illusion. Anything that absorbs your time and inhibits productivity from true expressions of purpose, talents, and gifts- is robbery. Theft. Choosing to live that way after realizing there’s a problem? Oops. That’s on you.

Everyone’s situation is different, and we each have different battles to face. I’ve found that there is no harm in asking, “is this difficulty a battle that I’m equipped to fight?”

A simple decision changes everything.

Some would argue that there is no price for productivity. That you’re either productive or your not, you’re successful or not; a failure or not.

But I refuse to believe that there is not a price to untapped productivity.  We each have the capacity for a certain level of success in our DNA, and it would be a crime to the Creator to withhold it while on the Earth realm.

If you can say with out a doubt that the Creator would be proud of your life right now, you’ve maximized the potential inside of you.  But if you have to hesitate for a second, take some additional time to think about how you can be more productive with your time.  Time is more valuable than money. Time is where we allow our energy to be expressed with during our time here. We should be selective and conscious on where and how we choose to spend it.

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