How To #Win: An Encrypted Code for Finding Purpose, Activating Productivity and Uploading Hidden Potential – New eBook .99 Cents via Amazon

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Don’t read much?

Well, if you want some tips on how to be productive in life and in business, download #HowToWin. It maybe the only read you may need all year.

I’m offering this strategic little manual for people who want to find out their true purpose in life.

I dissect the components of purpose and what information you must analyze to discover your purpose. The information is presented at an atomic level, and is broken down into 7 basic elements (or steps).

If you’ve ever wanted to be more productive in your life; read How To #Win.

If you’ve ever wanted help on decision making; read How To #Win.

In fact, I’ve wanted to give out this strategy for so long, but found it a challenge to get into the hands of people. It is challenging to find true winners.

Most people are in debt, and think it is the norm.

Most people go to work and veg out in front of TV 5 days a week.

Most people paper shuffle at a horrible job and get drunk on the weekends.

Most people are too engulfed in Facebook, Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds to read a book.

But, I have faith in the audience here at 9thMind. This is for you.




Pre-order How To #Win Today – It’s just $1.

If you are an Amazon shopper already, then you already have a $1 credit from Amazon. This is how you can get the book free.



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