How to stop manifesting what you don’t want

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Written by: Nikoya | Tweet your success story

create-your-own-realityWhen I stopped wondering when my ex was going to propose to me, and why he didn’t, I finally got the revelation  to leave him alone.

When I stopped reading about leaving corporate America for good, I finally was able to leave the dependent relationship we had.

When I stopped worrying about what I was going to do with my life, and worrying about what I was created to do, I fell in line with life purpose and destiny.

As long as you are placing energy into what you do not want- you will create exactly what you fear or condone continuation of what you don’t want.

The universe is wise, but it takes everything that is put into it for what it is.  If you are signaling vibes of negative flow, you will attract just that.  Like attracts like, and the universe confirms that fact.

It is said that in 5 different African languages there are no words for the english words, “could, would, and should”.  It’s all about whether you did or didn’t.  The “have-nots” are not talked about.  Wasting time on what didn’t happen is not necessary in their thought and language process.

It should be the same with manifestation.  Wasting time thinking on what you don’t like or fear, should not be your thought process if you intend to create a positive goal.

The universe doesn’t waste time reading your mind about what you truly desire if what you direct your energy towards is the opposite.  The universe doesn’t decipher code.  If you are always channeling energy on why something is the way it is, then you are fueling it to continue to be that way.

Stop reinforcing contrary thoughts

I got rid of my iPhone a while back.  For me, it was the greatest thing I could have done, and should have done it much sooner.  Why was it a problem?  Because the internet turned into an addiction.  It reinforced my negative thought patterns.  I googled everything.  I read websites constantly.  I was always on the quest for information, and the information was almost never geared towards concepts that were a result of a positive thought.

Hair not growing? Google why.  Pain in right side? Google it.  Wondering why I can’t find a job? Read forums and blogs by other losers who can’t land a job.  Dreaming about marriage and a perfect wedding?  Log onto F*ckbook and surf your recently married friends profiles, while wondering how the hell they got married before you. Dreaming about becoming a small business owner?  Google how to, read article after article, repeat, but never actually do anything.

Not only does this absorb huge amounts of time, but it reinforces negative thinking.  Even when a tool is supposed to provide a solution- when you see that it prevents action, it can be preventing you from manifesting what you want.

Being smartphone free, I see more of how the world is dominated by people probably doing the same thing.  We stare at screens all day, instead of enjoying the present moment in which we keep letting pass us by.

In other words, one main way to stop manifesting what you don’t want is this: stop reinforcing negative thoughts with a passive action.

Poor energy into your intended outcome

Intent to be happy?  You will be happy.  Intend to be successful? You will be a success.

Put the intention out there and that is it.  Act like it is already true.  The universe will simply align up to your vision- that is what it’s here to do.

You and I write each verse in our book in this u-n-i-verse.

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