Herbs For Healing: Damiana

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My experience with Damiana has been one of value, something worthy of sharing. Having been a person of nearly all time low iron levels, I know what it feels like to feel the effects of anemia. Lack of energy, excessive fatigue, and even potential cardiac issues have been a part of my journey as an anemic.

Through 3 pregnancies I have experienced the burden of having to take iron supplements twice per day and also having iron IV’s. Even with those interventions I was only able to bring my iron up 2-4 points, only for them to not be sustainable in the end.

Damiana is an interesting herb, and I had dabbled with taking it in my mid 20’s while I was following a standard vegetarian diet. However, it wasn’t until I became into my childbearing years that I came to feel the raw effects of the herb itself.

Damiana Effects

Damiana is most popularly used as an aphrodisiac, and in ancient times it is said it was used in biblical times. In Genesis, we see that mandrakes were used between man and women before coming together.

And she said unto her, Is it a small matter that thou hast taken my husband? and wouldest thou take away my son’s mandrakes also? And Rachel said, Therefore he shall lie with thee to night for thy son’s mandrakes” – Gen. 30:15

A mandrake in this instance is said to be a variation of Damiana leaf.

Best for medicinal uses taken as a tea (glass teapot), some choose to smoke the leaves. I do not smoke anything; taking the tea is the best option for non-smokers. It is said by some that Damiana can be quite sedating and relaxing, so for those who are sensitive to those effects, the suggestion is to take them at night time before bed.

I have felt the benefits specifically in the areas of:

  • drastically reduced fatigue
  • increased iron absorption/retained higher levels of iron
  • blood sugar stabilization
  • less brain fog + mood lift

Drinking Damiana tea throughout the day, consecutively has brought me to the realization of these benefits. I have noticed that these effects have become more pronounced after repeated use.

The Root of Damiana

Damiana is a “native” plant to the West Indies, Mexico and Central America. Do those regions sound familiar? They should. The ancestral story behind that attributed native lands of Damiana traces back to the slaves that were brought to those regions from Africa.

When the slaves were led into captivity, they took seeds with them. They did not know where they were going or what would happen to them, but they did want to survive. Those that were able, brought seeds and small herbs with them for medicinal and healing purposes. This is what has assisted the ancient uses of these plants to stay in existence, and it is up to us to rediscover how each herb can bring healing among our current life’s journey.


It is hard to talk about Damiana without mentioning dreams. Many report how the effects Damiana have assisted them in “lucid dreaming”. From my experience I can say that it has brought a more earthy, distinctly rooted and “real” essence to my dreams. The dreams seem more realistic and casual, almost as if it is just another side of this dimension of waking life.

My dreams usually tend to be other worldly, other realm-like dreams; and when taking Damiana, the dreams are more flesh-like, other room but different side-of-the-same-dimenesion-like. In other words, the dreams have real life backdrops and are a lot more tangible. To experience relaxation I usually add 1/2 tbsp of Lavender, 1/2 tbsp of Kava or a spoonful of Chamomile.

The Dimensions of Damiana

As with any herb, there are multiple uses and benefits from implementing it into our diets. However, there could also be some negative effects or contraindications. You have to rightly divide the researched uses and weight those against your present condition(s).

This is an herb that has multiple positive benefits which seem to unfold with prolonged use. As for myself, I am excited to explore more of what Damiana has to offer now that I know that the true essence of the herb unfolds into multiple dimensions to explore.

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