how to bomb a million dollar idea

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It is certainly possible to make millions of dollars with any talent, gift or idea. Only one thing is required, and it is actually executing the idea.  I like how people take simple ideas and make them become genius.  This is what Robert Croak did with Silly Bandz – those trendy kid bracelets that take the shape of an animal when taken off. He has made millions. It’s also like what Derek Sivers did with his digital music store CDBaby.  Which sold for 22 million.

Even though they had very simple business ideas/products – the fact that they did it is what makes the idea awesome.  Friends, we don’t have to re-invent the wheel, we just have to be willing to reach up and spin it, pulling hard enough to see where the result lands. This is good news.

I’ve heard many entrepreneurs suggest choosing one thing that you do well and simply do just that.  Clarity seems to be a vital key for all realms of success. However, there are many people like me that have many things they’d love to do.  The hard part is choosing the best thing and possibly neglecting other paths.  This is where the challenge begins for us: Choosing.  We fear by selecting one thing at the cost of giving up another we’ll miss out.  We fear that if we just select one thing to do, we’ll have future regrets.

This is a concept that bothered me for such a long time, I even wrote a mini e-Book about it. It was called Creating Your 3rd Self. I deleted it. It bombed. It was too broad of an approach. Don’t get me wrong, many people pull this multi-thing off great.  People like Emilie from PuttyLike, for instance.

With my hands in the music business, a digital start-up, and writing, I am still struggling for the clear cut path that many personalities attribute as a prerequisite for successful entrepreneurship. Yet others proclaim a more organic methodology, such as “do what you love, and all else will follow.”

As a person still on a quest for the best, and striving for more above all things I know that I do not want to be enslaved by monetary values of measuring. I don’t want to do anything just for the money.  Even though wealth is essential for survival, I am not into it. But I don’t want to be poor either, as I sure you do not as well; in happiness & physicality.

Here are the 100% ways you can surely fail:

– Allow fear to stop you from doing anything.

– Talk about what you want to do, instead of doing something – even if it is the wrong thing – each day.

– Stay in a situation (a job, major, business, etc.) where you are not challenged anymore.

– Follow after someone else’s dreams, because you do not know your own desires.

– Stay at a job where you do nothing but fake work and rot away in a rat cage.

– Keep pushing something that people are not into.

– Worry about your competitors instead of your own responsibilities.

– Start and abandon shortly after.

– Settle for just getting by, because you don’t like change.

– Do something that you see works for other people, not because you love it.

– Doubt.

– Settle with out a fight.






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  2 comments for “how to bomb a million dollar idea

  1. Lynn Fang
    December 15, 2011 at 11:43 pm

    Lovely, lovely. This is just my conundrum. I’ve got my feet in 7 different boats, wondering which one I’m going to stick with. I can’t choose for the money, so I’m left poor. I would rather keep following my heart, dabbling in this or that until clarity finds me. Perhaps now is not the time for some big dreams.

  2. Nikoya
    December 23, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    7 different drums, wow, now that is a challenge. Is there a way you can incorporate all into one.. some way? I totally hear you on this. Following the heart is scary when you really dive in like you have. It opens up many doors. Just keep living your choice.

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