Dangers of the matrix

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For those that acknowledge the matrix that surrounds us, I have one question for you: have you chosen to unplug?

We are living in an age where the matrix is so powerful that it influences every aspect of our lives. You know you have not escaped the matrix if you have forgotten what real food tastes like. Many of us may have never experienced non-hybrid, non-genetically modified food in our lifetime.

This is not a writing about if the matrix exists. It’s about what we each can do about enriching our quality of life and the lives of those around us. One of the goals of the matrix is to keep us separated and distant from each other.  Our light shines dimly when we are engulfed in the matrix.  Time is something that simply happens to us, whooping us with its ruthless movement.

So I ask, how are you growing your existence outside of the matrix? What keeps you alive beyond basic needs, beyond the usual hustle and bustle of daily life? When was the last time you simply stopped to think?

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