Digital age of conformity – bloggers promoting a false image of success

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We all know that success can be defined as a positive realization towards a worthy ideal.  If you are working towards a predetermined goal and know where you’re going, you are, by definition a success.  Success is a progressive realization of any worthy ideal, of one’s choosing.

There is one major thorn that grows from around us all, preventing the majority of us from achieving success in it’s highest sense; a worthy ideal of our own choice.   Many people do not create their own image of success or independent ideals, not because lack of creativity. Very few people do not reach success because of lack of innovation as well.  Innovation and creativity are natural to us as human beings, but we rarely maximize our potentials. The greatest reason why we do not create success for ourselves is because of one common instinct.  We neglect the pursuit of our own ideal of success because we conform.

We continue to do things like everyone else, because everyone else is doing it. We do not know why we conform to the norm, and when we do this we do not know where we are going.  In the digital age, we see many people conforming, by creating blogs and articles like everyone else.  Some are even blind enough to believe that they are going against nonconformity, by joining a “movement”, where ultimately every one is still conforming to a fictitious “ideal”. Created by someone else.

Not everything in your movement can be “epic”, “awesome” and inspiring, when everyone is doing the same thing.  Your attempt to sharing inspiration fails to land, when you are fuzzy of your own worthy ideal.  The “movement” lacks  challenge and innovation when you live off of the disadvantages of the “followers”.  When you simply teach them what you did to be successful because it worked for you; you are not creating a path of independence, you are promoting a false standard image of success.  This then creates some level of dependency between the follower-visionary relationship.

People tend to find themselves living paycheck to paycheck, when they are mislead into a false image of success.  Many fail not because of lack of creativity or talent, but because they are dependent on someone elses ideas or creations.

You can not be genuinely successful when you are still dependent on someone elses products, abilities, ideas, or finances. We are not born doctors, nurses, writers, teachers, bloggers, or web business owners; so to some level we are always in need of education to evolve and prosper in our given environment.  But if the environment changes in any capacity, then people will find themselves a no longer a success.

If there are no deficiencies of what is created in the environment (in this particular example, the web), and the environment continues to grow progressively, then the person will still be of use. If there are deficiencies or stagnation of growth in the environment, that person will be un-protected and non-progressive. When that happens, that person will become broke.

How to stop conforming

There are solutions to this type of problem.  We can opt in to set up an environment that is progressive of a worthy goal for the mental stability of individuals.  We all have been programmed by our environment.  We have been programmed through our diet, music selection, TV, clothing and more, directly from our society. If we aim to bring change, then we must change our minds.

We must change what we see, taste, feel, and entertain. If we are to release conformity, we must change our experiences.  If we are to re-new our minds, we must re-utilize our selves to a new environment of a progressive ideal; of our own choice.  If we do not aim for an ideal of our own, then we have conformed.  This is why you are not a success.  If we continue to conform to a failing society, then we will be signing up to be a failure as well.

We are bred by-way of the media to feel inferior. It is common.  We see an image of a worthy ideal in movies, commercials and sitcoms.  When we adhere to those ideals our minds become enslaved.  To break the law of conformity, means that we must have the strength to fight the given ideal.  We must have an ideal of our own.  When we do this we are fighting for our natural, equally born rights.  No one can give you rights, until you realize your worth and know who you are. That begins by establishing pre-determined goals for your future.

We finish school by the age 25 (on average), but yet after many years of working, by the age 65 many of us still are still not financially independent.  Why does this happen, even in the rich land of America? It’s because of conformity. We choose to act exactly like the majority that have not succeeded. We conform because we have the idea that we need to survive.  We think we need to follow the waves in order to stay a float.  That is an illusion. We believe we are working for the survival needs of ourselves, and we do it because everyone else does.

The only one who succeeds is the one who realizes and works towards a worthy idealof their choosing.  Success is a blogger who writes a motivational recovery website because they have the desire to motivate others to break alcohol addiction.  They are successful because they selected to do that specific predetermined goal. They are successful because they created a worthy ideal for themselves, not based on results, such as money, exposure, fame, or praise. Psychological studies show that only 1 out of 20 decide to work daily towards a worthy ideal of their own choosing that is not based on any results or on what someone else has done.  Why?  Instead of signing up for the race, all we must do is create.  What would happen to the human being, as a species, if we all thought this way?

Once one is successful, they tend to attract more success.  They tend to attract others who want to know what they did to achieve success.  These people want to know how they did it, so they can carry out some of those tips into their lives.  The only difference between those that succeed and fail is this: choosing goals.  The successful people know where their own, individual ideals are.

A ship leaves the harbor.  The captain knows exactly where they are headed and they will get to their destination.  Then the next ship, waits for a captain, crew and passengers.  It will not go anywhere despite it being there, as an able body.  It can’t go anywhere because it has no destination and no guidance.  It is the same with the human being.

A good sales rep is good because they know where they want to go.  They have something that they believe in and chose to sell because the image is part of a worthy ideal of his choosing.  It’s not about who you are pleasing when you are selling.  It is about thinking and knowing your worthy ideal.

The key to success is also the key to failure: we become what we think about.  A man’s life are what his thought make of it.  Everything comes if a man only waits.  A human being with a settled purpose, must accomplish that purpose.  Human beings can alter their lives, by altering their attitudes of mind.  Imagine if we activated this power and lived by it everyday.

The Results Factor

If you only care about results, that is what you will get it.  If you think to be rich, you will be rich.  If you think about freedom, then that is what you’ll be, free.  As a man thinks, so will he become.  If you know your goals and your purpose, then you have set your life before you.  But is it one of lasting success? Of your choosing? Once you have the complete idea, you should become an archer to increase the skill and the ability to hit the target of your created goal.  While doing so you are creating the future for the later generation.  This is called legacy.

We must get up and look for circumstances we want and get it.  If we can’t find it we must create that circumstance.  If you think about a concrete and worthwhile goal, you will reach it because you intentionally think about it.

If you harbor thoughts of confusion, worry and frustration, you may become that. If we think about nothing, then he will become nothing. Why is this? Because we work from the in to out.  What parallels the human mind? : a farmer has land and it is fertile.  He may plant whatever he chooses into the land.  The land does not care what he plants in it.  It will simply return what is planted.  The farmer decides to plant 1 seed of corn and 1 of poisonous herb.  He takes care of the land he planted seeds in.  As a result the planting, the land yields both in abundance.  The human mind is much more fertile than soil.  The mind supports the same characteristic.  What you plant  to you.

If that is true,  why don’t people use their mind more? Maybe it is because, our mind comes as standard equipment on Earth.  Things that are free, we place small value for by nature.  Unless we consciously choose to utilize the mind, our results may be controlled by outside factors in the environment. Many choose to overlook the power the mind has.  The things we have that cost us nothing, such as the mind, are the most valuable things that we can never replace.  Generally, most use the mind for little tasks.  Studies have shown that we use our minds 10% less than the potentials we have in our lives.

Whatever you want, all you must do is plant that seed in your mind, and it will become a complete reality.  We are the sum of our thoughts.  We are where we are only because of our thoughts.  No matter if you want to admit it or not, you are determining your present and future right now through your subconscious.  We are all guided by our minds.  Are you in hell? Change your perspective.

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