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The Thief Who’s After Your DNA

Written by: Nikoya A few readers often email and say that they do not know their purpose, why they were born or why they do what they do each day. It’s a very interesting topic for me, questioning those types of concepts¬†from a young age. A life lived without knowing ones purpose causes life energy to be exhausted into the… Read more →

Domains & Realms: How Decisions Affect Destiny

Written by: Nikoya You can’t wonder why you are where you are and leave it to chance and fate. Earth is a domain of decisions. Decisions direct the path of your ultimate destination and influence your destiny. The moment you make a decision everything aligns atmospherically with that goal. Earth is a domain of choices. You can choose to succeed… Read more →

Who are you?

Written by: Nikoya Identity. Is it something we actively think about? Or, is this concept called identity, something that processes in the background of our brain computer? Is the idea of “identity” similar to the driver that runs in the background on laptops in order for different applications to display for use? Mainly. If we do not actively select to… Read more →

Life Purpose and Work

I’ve written a whole lot about life purpose and how it relates to working for a living; just check out the archives. Or for a quick inquiry, simply skim through here: (Don’t Get A Job, Get To Work, Why You Should Never Get A Job, Finding A Career That Fits You, & Making A Living and Living Your Life Purpose)..¬†… Read more →

The price of productivity

Time waits for no man. Cliche? Yes. It’s so cliche and common to hear that we so become numb to the true value of the time that we have. What does it cost you, in time, energy and money, to lose productivity? Do you even know? Are you living a life that is costing you years of mistakes simply because… Read more →

America’s searching for something

Written by : Nikoya Jones America is obsessed with “search”. I ordered my daughter’s jumper online and when it came it was in a bunch of random pieces. Of course I did not expect the jumper to come all together and ready-to-go, but looking at all of the separated pieces as a I took them out of the box made… Read more →

Are you exchanging your only commodity?

What is the one thing that we mutually share in this human experience? The one thing that we each have only a set, fixed and certain amount of? You know… that concept that we can’t add to nor take away. Time. Time is the only thing that we each share and experience in our human life expression. We can’t control… Read more →

Got stuck while digging your goldmine?

You may be doing everything right: you’ve looked to the past to help discover who you are, you know where you are going and why you are here; but yet you feel stuck in obtaining progressions in certain areas in your life. Why is it that some people reach success so easily, and yet it feels like you have to… Read more →