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Are you a spiritual prostitute?

Written by: Nikoya | Tweet Me Before I explore the topic at hand, “are you a spiritual prostitute?”, I’d like to reference a disclaimer: this post is not for everybody. This post is specifically for hue-man beings who are on the brink of an awakening. It’s also for those who are evolving into their own open minded education projects and are a regular reader of my… Read more →

the mayan prophecy – the end of days

There is a lot of noise floating around the media, consumer markets and the web, revolving around the Mayan 2012 prophecy. Many have a loose understanding on what the prophecy is all about.  It is understandable where the confusion is emerges.  There is a surplus of misplaced and unrehearsed information published about the very interesting Mayan Prophecy.  We see the prophecy often depicted as a negative event,… Read more →

1 thing black people need to work on in 2012 – ASAP

Through out the century, every 30-40 years there is an outcry from people about “needing jobs”. When will that question ever change to, “how can we create jobs?” by “minorities”? Obama has served his 4 years – 16% of “black” Americans are unemployed. Those that are employed make 20% less than their white counterparts, even at the same job. Has… Read more →