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Time management is an illusion

Written by: Nikoya Time is our most precious commodity that we have while we are alive on Earth, but we cannot control, budget out, “manage” or master time.  Once we have discovered our purpose in life, and know what our daily assignments are, our relationship with time changes and we can adjust to a life where everything we engage in… Read more →

How to pray

Written by: Nikoya Praying is something that we all do at one point in our lives, even if we realize it or not. The act of prayer is relative to the person praying. Praying can be called many different patterns of behaviors, such as “wishing”, “reflecting”, “meditating”, and “searching”. But for the sake of this article, I am referring to… Read more →

The purpose of fasting – starting the electric diet

Written by: Nikoya There is a proper way to begin the electric diet for it to function at its most effective level.  The preparation period takes discipline, desire and dedication.  You really have to be serious before beginning the initial steps, because it will be liberating, but will take much willpower. The first thing you must do is submit to… Read more →

Identifying electric foods

Written by: Nikoya There are certain ways that you can identify electric foods. One way to begin is to start with the level of alkalinity. It is best to avoid foods that are on the extreme acidic side. The number one indicator for identifying this is by determining the pH level. Foods with a pH level of 7 or above… Read more →

Starting the electric diet

Written by: Nikoya Starting the electric diet requires three actions before proceeding: 1) Realizing that it is an active lifestyle choice and change 2) Cleansing the body through possibly unpleasant and challenging acts before making that lifestyle change 3) Commitment to a journey of constant education about health and wellness. Once those three actions are complete, the electric diet is… Read more →

Growing healthy, thick and natural black hair

Written by: Nikoya Understanding that hair growth will happen no matter what you do or don’t do to your hair is the first essential idea to grasp before anything else.  So why not take advantage of that benefit? Is there things that you can do to maximize growth? Yes. Can you preserve the new growth that grows as much as… Read more →

The truth about the origin of Man and your life purpose

Written by: Nikoya  |  Author of Resurrect the Purpose There are theories of the origin of man which connect us with many beginnings.  Typically we hear about the usual theories: eve-olving from the great ape or gorilla, the Neanderthal, or from other primitive versions of man, that look more humane than human. But a few years ago, modern man’s science has jumped on a mental jet stream, that has touched the surface… Read more →

8 Reasons why you’re a celestial being versus a terrestrial being

Written by: Nikoya | Update: Regeneration Proves You’ve Been On Earth Before! (Read Me) You may be thinking upon the first glance of this title, “Wow, this content is off the wall- ridiculous,” or “every time I visit this site the content gets weirder and weirder.” When you honestly ask yourself the question at hand, “are you a celestial being or a terrestrial being?”,… Read more →