Celestial Origin of Man: The First Mother (pt. 2)

Written by: Nikoya

The Earth is 4.5 billion years old.

The books of the old testament bible emerged around 2nd century BCE. They were canonized in the years following. Clearly, logic, sound, right reasoning and basic math shines light on the fact that the bible is a young work of literature. It’s not a solid ancient comprehensive text.

Science, archaeology and geology serve confirmation of raw facts and steadily eliminate the need for faith. The concept of faith- as it is referred as the “substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen”, is slowly becoming old news as we move towards the end of the information age. We now have evidence, tangible evidence, of what used to be unknown.

In vitro & Genetic breeding was common practice as recorded in ancient writings.

In vitro & Genetic breeding was common practice as recorded in ancient writings.

Only 50 years ago did humans achieve the ability to create technologies and procedures that the Sumerian ancients were already practicing. Their work was demonstrated by carvings on tablets, on clay, on the walls in Kemit (Egypt) and stone. Cloning and invitro fertilization was a common practice to them.

Truth emerges from piles of physical evidence regarding the origin of the human species: It was through the genetic manipulation of DNA that the origin of Man evolved.

We call research “research” because we surely are re-searching and rediscovering who we really are.

We were the perfect creation by the gods. The Elohim. The Annunaki. The supreme “beings”. Made in their image and their likeness was stamped into the human genome.

The Elohim were now delivered from the work!

We were better than robots because we could procreate on our own!

In part one, we explored the ideology that the Elohim, the Annunaki or the “gods” created human being for the purpose to mine the resources of the Earth to supply their needs.

Isis sharing 400They were very successful in their work, as we see, but what happened after they actually implanted the mixed cells into the birth mother? Who was the birth mother?

Who was she, this “Ninti“? Was she the Kemetic queen Isis?

Was this who the bible calls Eve?

Science has shown us that we all carry mDNA (mitrochondrial DNA) and we stem from one mother- from Africa around 150,000 years ago. was this Eve? Was this the birth goddess Ninti from the Sumerian tablets?

Possibly, yes.

After the creation of the first “lulu” or man, we procreated among ourselves after we were removed from the land were the creator gods were. Woman may have been fashioned out of the “rib” of the man, but not in the graphic sense.

The Chief Scientist put man in a deep sleep with anesthesia, removed bone marrow from his side and fashioned woman. Bone marrow contains the cells suitable to extract rDNA and he must have needed this element to create the woman’s genome. This is ribosomal DNA in genetics.

Pun intended?


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Earthly Species: Celestial beings, Supra Celestial beings and Humim Beings

Written by: Nikoya

My inbox gets hammered with questions regarding species that roam the Earth, extraterrestrial beings, celestial beings and the Annunaki on a weekly basis. This began promptly after I published 8 Reasons Why You’re A Celestial Beings vs. A Terrestrial Being on this site. That article was for the general public that like to flirt with the idea other dimensions, beyond our natural physical dimension.

Pyramid_celestial-supraThis particular article is for those who have already traveled astronomically and have a faint memory or at least a trusting understanding, of the higher dimensions.

Let’s jump right into the facts.  Remember:  You may not believe something at first glance, but that does not invalidate it’s truth. We have evidence of the existence of Hydrogen atoms but cannot see them with the naked eye. We have knowledge of Oxygen atoms as well. However, just because we cannot see each of these components does not negate the existence of each before forming what we can see, feel and touch, which is water.

1) The Earth is over 4.5 Billion years old. Before Humim beings existed (Humankind) there were other beings which inhabited the Earth.

Before any physical life form was manifested in the Earth realm there were supreme beings of pure green light and ethereal, sub-supreme beings of amber light or fire that existed.

To equate light into the mind that we have today and refer to that light as a “being” is hard to comprehend in our physical body. This is because the Earth was in a different position in the universe at that time than it is now, making the time zone different.  The way time passes is different upon the Earth realm in that era.

The gravitational pull upon our old planet called Earth created the supporting environment for this type of being. Light moves slower on our plane of existence now then in the Beginning.

These supreme beings are the original embodiment of the Annunagi or Neteru.

2) The Humim Being vs. The Human Beast


The Humim, the word origin “Hu” meaning, “creative force of will” and “mim” meaning, “the deity of birth; Ninti’ the mother who gave birth to the mortal“.  Is what you (we) generally are. Human beasts, arabic “behaymaw“, “Mankind“, is a separate creature or living being that is referenced in works such as the book of Ezekiel and also in the Koran. There is a distinct separation from the Elohim (also translated as “little gods; creator gods”) the angelic beings“, from the Behaymaw.

The human beast is a group of people who lived and worked among the fields. They can be associated with a particular “race” of people, but I will not get into that in this article.

Humim beings are partially crafted with angelic DNA and have evolved over time. The origin of Humims are from an ancient scientific laboratory led by the creator gods; the Annunagi. Humankind and Mankind are not the same genetically. One is primarily celestial and the other is primarily beast.

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Sources: The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Akkadian Tablets, The Tablet of Ishtar and Tammuz, Book of Ezekiel (Arabic), Genesis (The Genealogy of Isis)

The Savior for Ether Beings

Written by: Nikoya | @nyyyia

msyugioh123-image-msyugioh123-36092933-600-366There is an important element that many spirituals and seekers forget about at times.  It’s a highly important element, subject and concept, that can re-route your entire life path as an “awakened” individual.

There are 9 characteristics of the human being, and as an Ether Being you operate at the highest capacity of each one. Your physical characteristics are a manifestation of the components that lie in your DNA. You tend to have the darker skin, the coily-kinky hair, and other traits that align with the saying, “the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice“.

Psychically, the majority of us are weaker than pure Ethereal Beings.  The majority of the world, in essence, are hybrid people.  Our DNA has been diluted, mutated and chronically compromised over time.

This is not necessarily a negative thing, it is just the truth.  How can you prove that the majority of us are hybrid people? It’s right there in the DNA.  If it was not for science, research and medical breakthroughs, many individuals would not be here in the Earth realm.

If it was not for modern medicine and modern scientific developments many people would not be here, and would have never been here.  This is because over time our DNA has become compromised by external factors: sickness, disease, bad diet, viruses, pests, and others.  The way the DNA becomes distorted is through the weakening of the mucus membrane.

We see a lot of this molecular damage manifest through cancer, chronic viruses (many we have combat with vaccinations), blood diseases (leukemia, anemia, G6PD), psychological/neurological disorders (autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder) and others.

The most important subject for Ether Beings is science.

It’s science, not because we have grown to rely on medicine, but because through science, absolute truth is revealed and proven. Through science there are no secrets about who we are.

It’s through scientific research that analysis of DNA can be executed of indigenous people of various regions on the Earth, to demonstrate natural selection’s authentic immunity.

Meaning this: the ability for a group of ancient people to remain on the Earth so long and remain alive.

This is why a very small number of modern scientists and anthropologists are studying and preserving the isolated tribe of the Andaman Islands genetic structure- they are isolated, untouched, intact and have pure DNA.

By studying a tribe of people (the Sentinelese) who are ancient and pure (never have mixed or mated beyond their own tribe and remain alive for generations) they can teach us a lot about how to survive so long- WITHOUT any need of synthetic, modern medicine.

The Sentinelese are self reliant, have no threat of extinction, are vibrant and healthy and have long lifespans. In our modern world that is not so common.

In a world of civilization, even a natural act of pregnancy and childbirth is extremely high risk and can kill many women if it were not for medical intervention. I was one of them. This should not be the case. Childbirth is not an emergency event- it is a females body doing what it is designed to do.

The ancient Egyptians knew the importance of preserving the body in death

Did the ancient Egyptians know that scientific developments could lead to their immortality?

Now that we have the ability to preserve DNA, clone and replicate cells, the Egyptians’ obsession with preserving and mummifying their Royals’ bodies does not seem so pointless.

Maybe that was the quest for immortality was all about: the emergence and power of science to meet with time.

Did the Egyptians know that they would not withstand the natural selection process; being a hybrid people and susceptible to disease and early death?  Were there obsessions with immortality and resurrection in the afterlife merited?

With reason applied, a physical “coming” or resurrection would require the use of scientific application of DNA and genetics.