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Earthly Species: Celestial beings, Supra Celestial beings and Humim Beings

Written by: Nikoya

My inbox gets hammered with questions regarding species that roam the Earth, extraterrestrial beings, celestial beings and the Annunaki on a weekly basis. This began promptly after I published 8 Reasons Why You’re A Celestial Beings vs. A Terrestrial Being on this site. That article was for the general public that like to flirt with the idea other dimensions, beyond our natural physical dimension.

Pyramid_celestial-supraThis particular article is for those who have already traveled astronomically and have a faint memory or at least a trusting understanding, of the higher dimensions.

Let’s jump right into the facts.  Remember:  You may not believe something at first glance, but that does not invalidate it’s truth. We have evidence of the existence of Hydrogen atoms but cannot see them with the naked eye. We have knowledge of Oxygen atoms as well. However, just because we cannot see each of these components does not negate the existence of each before forming what we can see, feel and touch, which is water.

1) The Earth is over 4.5 Billion years old. Before Humim beings existed (Humankind) there were other beings which inhabited the Earth.

Before any physical life form was manifested in the Earth realm there were supreme beings of pure green light and ethereal, sub-supreme beings of amber light or fire that existed.

To equate light into the mind that we have today and refer to that light as a “being” is hard to comprehend in our physical body. This is because the Earth was in a different position in the universe at that time than it is now, making the time zone different.  The way time passes is different upon the Earth realm in that era.

The gravitational pull upon our old planet called Earth created the supporting environment for this type of being. Light moves slower on our plane of existence now then in the Beginning.

These supreme beings are the original embodiment of the Annunagi or Neteru.

2) The Humim Being vs. The Human Beast


The Humim, the word origin “Hu” meaning, “creative force of will” and “mim” meaning, “the deity of birth; Ninti’ the mother who gave birth to the mortal“.  Is what you (we) generally are. Human beasts, arabic “behaymaw“, “Mankind“, is a separate creature or living being that is referenced in works such as the book of Ezekiel and also in the Koran. There is a distinct separation from the Elohim (also translated as “little gods; creator gods”) the angelic beings“, from the Behaymaw.

The human beast is a group of people who lived and worked among the fields. They can be associated with a particular “race” of people, but I will not get into that in this article.

Humim beings are partially crafted with angelic DNA and have evolved over time. The origin of Humims are from an ancient scientific laboratory led by the creator gods; the Annunagi. Humankind and Mankind are not the same genetically. One is primarily celestial and the other is primarily beast.

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Sources: The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Akkadian Tablets, The Tablet of Ishtar and Tammuz, Book of Ezekiel (Arabic), Genesis (The Genealogy of Isis)

The Savior for Ether Beings

Written by: Nikoya | @nyyyia

msyugioh123-image-msyugioh123-36092933-600-366There is an important element that many spirituals and seekers forget about at times.  It’s a highly important element, subject and concept, that can re-route your entire life path as an “awakened” individual.

There are 9 characteristics of the human being, and as an Ether Being you operate at the highest capacity of each one. Your physical characteristics are a manifestation of the components that lie in your DNA. You tend to have the darker skin, the coily-kinky hair, and other traits that align with the saying, “the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice“.

Psychically, the majority of us are weaker than pure Ethereal Beings.  The majority of the world, in essence, are hybrid people.  Our DNA has been diluted, mutated and chronically compromised over time.

This is not necessarily a negative thing, it is just the truth.  How can you prove that the majority of us are hybrid people? It’s right there in the DNA.  If it was not for science, research and medical breakthroughs, many individuals would not be here in the Earth realm.

If it was not for modern medicine and modern scientific developments many people would not be here, and would have never been here.  This is because over time our DNA has become compromised by external factors: sickness, disease, bad diet, viruses, pests, and others.  The way the DNA becomes distorted is through the weakening of the mucus membrane.

We see a lot of this molecular damage manifest through cancer, chronic viruses (many we have combat with vaccinations), blood diseases (leukemia, anemia, G6PD), psychological/neurological disorders (autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder) and others.

The most important subject for Ether Beings is science.

It’s science, not because we have grown to rely on medicine, but because through science, absolute truth is revealed and proven. Through science there are no secrets about who we are.

It’s through scientific research that analysis of DNA can be executed of indigenous people of various regions on the Earth, to demonstrate natural selection’s authentic immunity.

Meaning this: the ability for a group of ancient people to remain on the Earth so long and remain alive.

This is why a very small number of modern scientists and anthropologists are studying and preserving the isolated tribe of the Andaman Islands genetic structure- they are isolated, untouched, intact and have pure DNA.

By studying a tribe of people (the Sentinelese) who are ancient and pure (never have mixed or mated beyond their own tribe and remain alive for generations) they can teach us a lot about how to survive so long- WITHOUT any need of synthetic, modern medicine.

The Sentinelese are self reliant, have no threat of extinction, are vibrant and healthy and have long lifespans. In our modern world that is not so common.

In a world of civilization, even a natural act of pregnancy and childbirth is extremely high risk and can kill many women if it were not for medical intervention. I was one of them. This should not be the case. Childbirth is not an emergency event- it is a females body doing what it is designed to do.

The ancient Egyptians knew the importance of preserving the body in death

Did the ancient Egyptians know that scientific developments could lead to their immortality?

Now that we have the ability to preserve DNA, clone and replicate cells, the Egyptians’ obsession with preserving and mummifying their Royals’ bodies does not seem so pointless.

Maybe that was the quest for immortality was all about: the emergence and power of science to meet with time.

Did the Egyptians know that they would not withstand the natural selection process; being a hybrid people and susceptible to disease and early death?  Were there obsessions with immortality and resurrection in the afterlife merited?

With reason applied, a physical “coming” or resurrection would require the use of scientific application of DNA and genetics.


8 Reasons why you’re a celestial being versus a terrestrial being

Written by: Nikoya | Hire Me

You may be thinking upon the first glance of this title, “Wow, this content is off the wall- ridiculous,” or “every time I visit this site the content gets weirder and weirder.” When you honestly ask yourself the question at hand, “are you a celestial being or a terrestrial being?”, what comes as a first response? Laughter? Reflection? Consideration? A quick brush of the escape button? Mouse click? A terrestrial being has their nature of origin coming from the Earth. A celestial being is the opposite. Celestial meaning: to come from another realm of existence, of non-earthly origin.

This article is for those who want to explore, so let’s take an honest look. What are you really: a Terrestrial or Celestial?

1. Do you find yourself thinking and reflecting on experiences or concepts that you have no knowledge about?

Find yourself drawn to a certain era in time, in the past, like the Victorian era other Ancient Egyptian dynasties periods? Do you have strong interest in certain ways of dress, or concepts throughout your life? Do you have a strong obsession about mysteries of today’s world, like aliens, UFO’s or life after death? If one of these statements strike a chord with you, it may be more than a simple coincidence. Sometimes little intuitive interests and random inclinations in our lives can teach us about ourselves.

2. Do you find yourself contemplating what is beyond the human plane?

Find yourself drifting into different “time zones”, waking up on the “wrong side of the bed”, asking yourself a series of philosophical questions more than 3-4 times per month, and/or “day-dreaming”? This is a common sign that many celestial beings deal with. We find ourselves floating and leaving our mental houses at times, only to be jarred back into reality when our attention is called.

It is also easy for celestial natured beings to believe in things that are unseen or unknown to the average human eye.  They have a natural intuition and may even have an “unveiled eye”.  They can see things that belong to the spirit world; things of heavenly nature.  Terrestrial beings are known for “believing when they see it”, “I have to see it to believe it”.

There are several elements that we know exist because we can see it and feel it, like water for example. We know water exists.  But there are other elements required that we can not see that have to come together to bring forth what we call water.  When 2 particles of hydrogen comes in contact with 1 particle of oxygen, water comes as a result.  We can’t see hydrogen and oxygen, but we have the evidence that confirms their existence when they come together to form H2O (water).

Just because you can’t see hydrogen and oxygen before they combine does not negate their validity.

It’s the same with things of celestial and spiritual nature.  Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not real.

3. Re-occurring feelings of there being more to life than you are presently aware.

Modern day experts call this “depression” and may even diagnose you with “X, Y and Z” syndrome. In contrary thinking, these feelings could simply be a sign of your true nature longing for interaction and fulfilment.

4. Genuinely more aware and mentally active at night.

Being celestial is connected with heavenly concepts, including things that is related to space; the moon, the stars and the universe. It refers to all things ethereal and immortal. Those who are of celestial nature will experience different feelings at night, from time to time. They receive energy from viewing the planets, the stars and the moon. Celestial beings experience an increase of mind activity and an heightened psychic energy in the late hours, between 2-4 AM.

5. Tendency to suffer a great deal of humiliation, depression or heartache.

Sometimes fueled by the thoughts of being “different”, celestial beings encounter much heartache and depression in their lifetime. They experience a lot of sadness due to a surplus of emotions and feelings that they may not understand. Those that are labeled crazy and irrational may not be. Those that have lives that breeze by and have it easy, tend to be terrestrial beings – meaning they are of the Earth.

6. It’s easy for you to realize and acknowledge that there are other realms than the physical.

Reason may be your best friend and your companion of choice, but you still have the heart to realize that there are other realms among us. This is a characteristic of a celestial mind. I am a big fan of reason, but I am not a black and white person. For instance, science tells us that there are 19 universes (that we know exist) and over 144,000 galaxies. Your present day planet, Earth, is number 3 in the 19th universe. So if there are that many universes and even more galaxies, it is safe to conclude that there are other realms and even planets that exist that we don’t know about.

It is safe to reason that even though you can not see these other universes, you have knowledge of their existence through science. Celestial beings have a easier time wrapping their mind around this, and deducting that there must be an ethereal spiritual world too. Just because some can not see it does not negate its existence.

7. You know that there is something special about the core of the Earth.

What if I told you that there was an opening in the center of the Earth that is inhabited by beings? Would you think, “I always had a feeling about that. Things like the Grand Canon make more sense now,” or would you say, “and opening at the center of the planet? Child, please… I don’t believe it.” You are surely celestial if you do not have to see this to acknowledge it’s truth. There is and opening in the core of the planet that resembles a tropical land. Beings from other galaxies have come there, and they have visited and talked with the educated and the non-educated inhabitants of the Earth.

The spirit of the life force resides in us all, no matter human or not, and that is why many of us have been contacted by these supreme entities.

8. You experience strange biological symptoms with change or when weird things happen.

I learned a little about anatomy when I was in undergrad, but I was truly enlightened when my teacher talked about anatomy in-depth. The biology of your human body is made up of functions, conducted by electrical impulses. Every intentional or non-intentional movement or impulse made by your body is an outcome of electrically charged cellular ions, that stimulate dendrites (end parts) of cellular nerves in the body. This is where the occult sensory receptor nerves (the biological manifestation of the 6th sense) is located in your body. This allows your brain and spinal cord to pick up certain signals that are related to the atmosphere. Certain instances of this are channeling, knowing what a loved one is thinking or feeling, and even for small things like knowing when someone has a TV on in the house or when someone is microwaving something without hearing it.

It’s like the Citizen’s Band Unit. Even though they are miles a part, they receive communication through energy forces and ethereal transmittal. If man can create technology that sends and receives invisible energy (cellphones, TV, radio) what is hard to believe about the brain having the same ability? This is the same way that celestial beings communicate to terrestrial beings too.

If you lived years before the TV was invented and you had a friend telling you that he can make people dance, sing and talk on the wall or a screen, you wouldn’t be able to believe that. However today, we can see dancing, singing and talking people on TV, PC and iPhone, so we never think about how “crazy” that conversation would have sounded 100 years ago. The same way you pick up a phone to call your human, terrestrial friends, is the same way other celestial beings will begin talking to terrestrial beings- if not so already.

Why explore about being anything when I still have a physical body that needs food, clothes and shelter?

We all need basic things to survive, but these basic needs are not the end all be all. Together we can keep depleting the natural resources on the planet, keep fighting and killing over the natural resources, keep contaminating the environment, keep creating fake, hybrid and genetically modified foods, keep accumulating more material objects we don’t really need… but the result is deterioration, death and destruction. The inescapable consequences of human life are just that, but we do have an personal choice. Not too many embark and explore the alternative choice. Instead, most of us stay consumed with politics, building monetary wealth, debating theology, formulating theories and conducting research, buying stuff and as a result contributing a very tiny amount of anything of solid value for society.

The ethereal (ether-real) realm

Many people have incarnated on Earth to serve as Avatars for divine celestial energy, which is love. These individuals have the ability to master the body through meditation and fasting, allowing themselves to be governed by spiritual enlightenment. As we evolve, we will become more mental beings. We should put this evolution process first, so that we can experience life in the next era.

It appears that inhabitants of the ancient Egyptians and the mystery city of Atlantis simply disappeared, but that is not so. The educated and highly intelligent people of those communities evolved into a solid state of enlightenment, causing them to exist on and into another realm where they were exempt from destruction. Many historical people in our era have achieved this, like Enoch, Ezekiel, and Yeshua.

This phenomenon is similar to the understanding that Christians have, with their literal interpretation of the “Rapture” in 1 Thessalonians Ch. 4 (New Testament).  They speak about how the tribe of Israel (the 144,000) will be “caught up in a blink of an eye” and will be “taken up into the air” right before the great tribulation and all the fire and brimstone begins on Earth.  Even though the Christians are babes in their understanding of this writing in Thessalonians, the concept was watered down in its translation period, especially when it was translated into English.  So it is not all their fault for understanding this poorly.

This description they have in their Bible depicts an “awakening period” or a quick change that will occur among the minds ones who are chosen or who have been chosen.  It’s all about an enlightenment, a change in the mind, and a new vision or glorified level of understanding.  This work in Thessalonians was describing a transition into an ethereal (ether-real) and celestial existence.


Everyone has the ability to reach an intelligent form of understanding if they embark on that journey, because the energy of creation is inside of everyone. Knowing who you are can help you to begin, and knowing your origins is one of the best things to consider. I learned that the best library is in our DNA. When it comes to origins, it’s safe to bet on the unknown.

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