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eating electricity – electric & alkaline foods

Written by: Nikoya | Download the Book With Meal Plans What is electric food? How does eating electric foods benefit the body? An electric food is food that is completely natural, completely ingenious of the Earth and 100% living.  Our bodies are alive, which make human beings dependent on a living life force.  Energy makes us move. Electrical food animates… Read more →

Your Diet Has A Low Vibration If You’re Eating This

Written by: Most animated things in the earth realm have needs in which the physical world supplies. Grass, flowers and trees have water, sun rays and oxygen in order to thrive, and animals have food provided to them in which they were created to live off of as well.  Every species alive on the earth is designed to thrive… Read more →

Electric Food Diet – Beginners Meals & Recipe’s

The electric diet is a lifestyle that requires a lifestyle change. Here is the thing- this change can be fun and exciting! Eating electric versions of Mac n cheese, tacos, lasaugna, pizza and tuna salad is rewarding and guiltless! How does one eat electric versions of Americas classic favorite foods? I give several recipes in my beginner meal guide. Changing… Read more →

The truth about hybrid food

People get upset when you mention seemingly natural foods as “hybrid”. I don’t know if this is partially due to conditioning, or the fact that it is just comfortable to continue to view hybrid foods, that may be fruits and vegetables as “natural”. I hate to tell people that next to the dangers of blood and starch, the next major… Read more →

Identifying hybrid food

Written by: Nikoya When living the electric food life, by the electric diet, it helps to know how to identify foods that are hybrids. First, what is a hybrid? A hybrid food is a food that exists but was not created by God.  Hybrids are not original nor a product of the Earth’s genius.  Hybrid food is created by man.… Read more →

Electric foods for healthy hair

Written by: Nikoya | Tweet me There is so much that is beneficial for living a lifestyle that consists of the electric diet, including long, lustrous and healthy hair! A diet rich of amino acids (the building blocks of protein), balanced nutrients, and hydration, creates a firm foundation for healthy hair to prosper.  I learned late in my journey of… Read more →

What is the electric diet?

Written by: Nikoya | Ask me a question The electric diet is the last diet you’ll ever need. But first we must understand this: What we put into our bodies causes two possible outcomes. Food is either nourishing our body or harming our body. If you are reading this post you may have stopped to evaluate your health and what… Read more →