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Binge Watching Movies and Television Is What Powers In High Places Want You To Do During the Shelter-In-Place COVID-19

As I write this post, the inside of my ears are full of pressure and feel like they are on fire. I have not felt myself in the past couple days, and I hope you are doing well during this uncertain time. Being on shut down, in our homes, isolated and potentially bored; people are relying on mainstream entertainment systems… Read more →

The Secret Message Behind Kanye’s Musical Operas – [Mary + Nebuchadnezzar]

  Kanye debuted on the opera scene recently with his first number, Nebuchadnezzar.¬† Now, after dropping Jesus is King, he has debuted another opera, Mary. Kanye West is trekking territory that he has declared in his first album, College Dropout¬†– but people don’t realize this. Read more →