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Mainstream Books Predicted the Coronavirus – Dean Koontz + “Psychic” Sylvia Browne

Did these authors predict the Coronavirus that we are experiencing now in 2020? Short answer: Yes… AND no. Both books, Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz (whom I will call “Head Coon”) and End of Days by Sylvia Browne (“Sly-vya Browne”), both books abbreviated as “EOD”; depict a paragraph pertaining to the alleged Wuhan-400 AKA COVID-19 virus which is currently… Read more →

Why Making A Living Outside of the Master’s Box Is Important

This blog launched with several posts on how to follow your purpose, make a living on your own terms, and how to break the dependency of having a “job”.  I wrote about the spiritual aspects of working in corporate America in Are You A Spiritual Prostitute? and it stirred a lot of questions from the audience to be explored.  We expounded on… Read more →

Black Folks: The Sleepers

Written by: Nikoya Yea, whatev. You may not be a “sleeper” if you have found my sleepy site. You found my site because you searched for “electric foods’, “dr. sebi”, “what is a celestial being”. Basically *ish that most people don’t write about. But, that is my point. When I created this blog one of my major intentions was to… Read more →

Navigating Through Your Assignment – Practical Purpose I

Written by: Nikoya   It takes a lot more training to fly a jet than to drive a car. When we drive a car we have the ability to see most aspects of the road; roadblocks, debri, stop lights and stop signs. Becoming a pilot takes years of training, education and applied practice. Pilots have to know how to use the controls… Read more →

How To #Win: An Encrypted Code for Finding Purpose, Activating Productivity and Uploading Hidden Potential – New eBook .99 Cents via Amazon

    Don’t read much? Well, if you want some tips on how to be productive in life and in business, download #HowToWin. It maybe the only read you may need all year. I’m offering this strategic little manual for people who want to find out their true purpose in life. I dissect the components of purpose and what information… Read more →

Life Purpose and Work

I’ve written a whole lot about life purpose and how it relates to working for a living; just check out the archives. Or for a quick inquiry, simply skim through here: (Don’t Get A Job, Get To Work, Why You Should Never Get A Job, Finding A Career That Fits You, & Making A Living and Living Your Life Purpose).. … Read more →

Work anywhere with Paradigm 9, LLC

We can spend all day talking about how to maximize the use of your time, how to increase productivity and reach your full potential. However, without practical information that you can put into use it is hard to understand how it can be done in your situation. I receive many emails about how to manage time when having to spend… Read more →