Binge Watching Movies and Television Is What Powers In High Places Want You To Do During the Shelter-In-Place COVID-19

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As I write this post, the inside of my ears are full of pressure and feel like they are on fire. I have not felt myself in the past couple days, and I hope you are doing well during this uncertain time.

Being on shut down, in our homes, isolated and potentially bored; people are relying on mainstream entertainment systems like never before. People are consuming more information online, books, movies, TV series and news everyday.

Television is particularly questionable to use, because you have no control of what will be played unless you just turn it off. Streaming services are better because you are controlling and choosing what you allow to be channeled into your spirit.

Television is a basic tool that powers in high places (Ephesians 6:12) use to tell lies to your vision. This is how they gain access to your spirit and download processes that support their own agenda. The phonetics of the word “tel-e-vision” demonstrates what it’s intended to do.

I decided to make a quick commentary video depicting where the major movie production companies get their information. Every movie begins with a celestial introduction- a dramatic scene with the sky, stars, earth or other similar imagery.

Watch through the video below and leave a comment. Our eyes are the gate of our spirit in which we channel information. The channels we tune into give us access to certain downloads of information, giving the ability to install software into our lives that will either serve us profitably or negatively. Be careful what channels you access during this lockdown. Whatever you watch is channeling its information into your spirit and programming you to react as a result of its intended program.

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