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November 2015

Electric Food Diet – Beginners Meals & Recipe’s

Spirits Busted: Angelic Beings At War Over Your Soul

Before You Consult a Psychic or A Medium, Consider This Factual Truth

The Most Overlooked Secret to Success

October 2015

Mental Megahertz for Divine Data – Understanding God’s Revelations

September 2015

How Familiar Spirits Operate

August 2015

Negotiating With the Most High God – The Enemy Cannot Touch Believers Without An Authorization

  Dummies In the Realm of the Spirit: Are You Asking For A Sign?

When God Speaks In Dreams – 4 Steps To the Meaning of Your Dream

July 2015

A Prophetic Word For This Hour

How to follow your passion and devote your life to it

Is it time for you to leave the marketplace?

June 2016

The oldest profession on the earth and why – Prostitution

May 2015

Free Tablet: Your Update Is Waiting… The Spirit of Iniquity

Watch Hour – You Can’t Afford To Sleep

The Mystery of the “Age of Information” – What is it?

April 2015

Black Folks: The Sleepers

February 2015

Navigating Through Your Assignment – Practical Purpose I

How To #Win – eBook Trailer

How To #Win: An Encrypted Code for Finding Purpose, Activating Productivity and Uploading Hidden Potential – New eBook .99 Cents via Amazon

January 2015

Race is An Illusion

The Power of Melanin

Domains & Realms: How Decisions Effect Destiny

The Thief Who’s After Your DNA

December 2014

Earthly Species & Why We Were Created: Genesis 2:3

Celestial Origins of Man: The 1st Mother

Black Shootings: The Microcasm vs. The Macrocasm

September 2014

Earthly Species: Celestial, Supra-Ceslestial, and Humim Beings

Who Are You?


October 2014

Life Purpose and Work

Why I Don’t Buy “Stuff”

August 2014

Work Anywhere With Paradigm 9 Virtual Solutions

The Price of Productivity

July 2014

America’s searching for something


June 2014

The Savior for ether beings

May 2014

Natural hair growth: 7 Years of No Heat

The truth about hybrid food

March 2014

Coily Clips: A solutions for black, natural hair shedding and breakage

Suspending premature death

Are you exchanging your only commodity?

Got stuck while digging your goldmine?

Mastering your assigned industry and creating multiple streams of income

February 2014

Identifying hybrid food Becoming receptive to the supernatural Electric Foods for Healthy Hair

January 2014

How to stop manifesting what you DON’T want

Negotiating in the realm of the spirit

Increasing income series I Creating Extra Income

December 2013

3 Mental steps for starting an online business (and leaving your corporate job)

What is the Electric Diet?

 October 2013

What rejection really means

30 day trial: Hypnobirthing, day 15

30 Day trial: My Hypo-birthing experience

 September 2013

Mentally increase your income

The work of a life coach

Don’t Get a Job, Get to Work

Making an Impact

Root causes of sickness and disease

Finding a career that fits you

August 2013

Time Management is an Illusion

How to pray

Obtaining Success

Fasting: Cleansing the body and losing weight

The purpose of fasting – Starting the Electric Diet

Identifying Electric Foods

Poverty is a Mindset

Starting the Electric Diet

July 2013

Growing thick, healthy, and long natural black hair schenectady

April 2013

Why you should never get a “job”

December 2012

Dangers of the matrix

September 2012

What failure looks like

April 2012

The truth about the origin of Man and your life purpose

4 ways to make a living and live your life purpose

March 2012

The work of a digital publisher

8 reasons why you are a celestial being vs. a terrestrial being

February 2012

Are you a spiritual prostitute?

What is your purpose in life? Do we each have a purpose?

The digital age of conformity – bloggers promoting a false image of success

Why you are not a success

The creative gland in your body: The Pineal Gland

January 2012

Mayan prophecy – The end of days

“Resurrect the Purpose” – The Book

Eating Electricity: All about electric and alkaline foods

Writing prophetically

December 2011

One thing black people need to do ASAP in 2012

How to bomb a million dollar idea

November 2011

Why thinking of yourself as a business is best

October 2011

Are Tarot cards evil?



January – September 2011 were blank slated. Deleted. Wiped out. As of 7/9/14.



Resurrect the Purpose – 2012

Electric Food Life: Living by the Electric Diet – 2014

How To #Win: Encrypted Code For Finding Purpose, Activating Productivity & Uploading Hidden Potential – 2015 – Best-seller in Personal Success & Teen on Amazon Kindle

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