America’s searching for something

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Written by : Nikoya Jones

America is obsessed with “search”.

I ordered my daughter’s jumper online and when it came it was in a bunch of random pieces. Of course I did not expect the jumper to come all together and ready-to-go, but looking at all of the separated pieces as a I took them out of the box made me sweat.

Once I finally dumped out the very last piece of plastic, I realized that I did not even know where to begin.  As I looked at the finished product picture, I was puzzled how something could look so seamless if it had so many assembled parts.

5 minutes later I thought, “why the hell did I order this? Perhaps I should leave it for the Husband to piece together tomorrow.” I stood up quickly to move on to something else needing to get finished in the house, but then stumbled upon the User’s Manual for the jumper, which was thrown near the trash.

The User’s Manual is not really my favorite literature. I never read User’s Manuals’ for any device or structure I ever purchase. I realized that if I wanted her jumper up for the evening, I could figure out how to do so by actually following the instructions.

The front of the manual had a bold “Combi” symbol on it. “Combi” is the trademark of the manufacturer.  User’s Manuals are written by the manufacturer of the product. The product is made by the manufacturer. Reading the User’s Manual is like reading the mind of the manufacturer.

Manufacturers write Users Manual’s to ensure the success of their product. It’s inside of the User’s Manual where we also find information regarding a warranty for the product.  Warranties are given to protect the quality of their brand name.  This jumper had a 1 year warranty:

“The Company’s [redacted] products are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and/or workmanship and to perform as advertised when properly installed, used, and maintained in accordance with written instructions. Failure to adhere to and/or comply with operation manual instructions will void all associated warranty obligations. Should any part(s) prove defective within one year from date of purchase, it(they) will be replaced by [redacted], without charge provided the defective part(s) is returned to our factory or branch transportation charges prepaid.”

Warranties are given in the event of defect, and also certify the brand’s confidence of how successfully functional their product is. However, if there is a problem with their product they want you to know they will resolve the issue for you. They do this to for their names’ sake.

Their warranty protects the little “Combi” trademark on their product. They have written the User’s Manual to guarantee the success and the warranty to ensure their positive reputation.

Sometimes we get to a certain point in life and do not know what to do next. We may realize that we are lost and confused. Sometimes we do not even want to admit that we are empty.

Instead of admitting this we pacify ourselves with greasy food, booze or co-dependent relationships.

This emptiness is so saturated in secular culture that we have built entire means of entertainment revolved around “searching for the next big thing“; the next American Idol“, the next star from “America’s Got Talent“, the next “Voice“, the next…

Collectively, our culture has programmed us to look outside of ourselves for the answers.  We are programmed to search for something to provide us a shot at success.  Success becomes pre-packaged and thus a physical state of attaining “something” is needed to symbolize success.

I’d like to remind myself that there is no need to search outside of myself for the answers. After learning that the greatest library is in my DNA, I’ve stopped the search. Everything we need to succeed in life was given to us at conception. The Creator created each of us, in His/Her image.

Our User’s Manual is often neglected, but it contains the mind of our Manufacturer (Man-U-Fact(s)-(en)surer, phonetically speaking). We’ve been given the stamp of our Creator’s name. The universe supports whatever we set out to do, for His name’s sake.

Our Creators reputation is on the line if we do not succeed.

We were created with the purpose to be successful. We can refer to the User’s Manual is we need guidance or help, but our purpose is embedded in our blood.  We don’t have to look any further than that- we were made in the image of the most powerful Life Force of the universe.

That Life Force is so confident of our success in the Earth realm, that we were given an epic guarantee. “All gifts and callings are irrevocable…”

This guarantee is more powerful than a lifetime warranty.  No matter what we do, once we are born into the Earth realm, purpose and success are accessible and cannot be reversed.  Our DNA can not change once we are in a physical body, nor can the promise of success the Creator embedded in us change.

The Creator is so sure that you’ll succeed, once you make a decision, that (s)He said “whatever you ask for in my name…”

The whole universe will conspire to support your claim.  That is, once you make a decision to act on something.


Because the Creators reputation is on the line. Success is guaranteed for His/Her name’s sake.


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