Month: July 2014

Why I don’t buy a whole bunch of stuff

I may be one of the “Joneses“, but I certainly don’t keep up with the Joneses. I’ve never been a big consumer, shopper or trend follower.  That is not to say that I do not or have not had any luxury items, because I have.  I’m not a big consumer type. It’s just not me. However, paralleling off of my… Read more →

Work anywhere with Paradigm 9, LLC

We can spend all day talking about how to maximize the use of your time, how to increase productivity and reach your full potential. However, without practical information that you can put into use it is hard to understand how it can be done in your situation. I receive many emails about how to manage time when having to spend… Read more →

The price of productivity

Time waits for no man. Cliche? Yes. It’s so cliche and common to hear that we so become numb to the true value of the time that we have. What does it cost you, in time, energy and money, to lose productivity? Do you even know? Are you living a life that is costing you years of mistakes simply because… Read more →

America’s searching for something

Written by : Nikoya Jones America is obsessed with “search”. I ordered my daughter’s jumper online and when it came it was in a bunch of random pieces. Of course I did not expect the jumper to come all together and ready-to-go, but looking at all of the separated pieces as a I took them out of the box made… Read more →