Month: February 2014

Identifying hybrid food

Written by: Nikoya When living the electric food life, by the electric diet, it helps to know how to identify foods that are hybrids. First, what is a hybrid? A hybrid food is a food that exists but was not created by God.  Hybrids are not original nor a product of the Earth’s genius.  Hybrid food is created by man.… Read more →

Becoming receptive to the supernatural

Written by: Nikoya | Google+ There is an entire industry built up around the mysteries of the supernatural realm for curious and immature minds, and that primary path to entry is through fear.  Scary movies, talk of ghosts, demons, spirits and life after death, this is how media demonstrates the existence of the supernatural. But where does one go for… Read more →

Electric foods for healthy hair

Written by: Nikoya | Tweet me There is so much that is beneficial for living a lifestyle that consists of the electric diet, including long, lustrous and healthy hair! A diet rich of amino acids (the building blocks of protein), balanced nutrients, and hydration, creates a firm foundation for healthy hair to prosper.  I learned late in my journey of… Read more →