Month: October 2013

What rejection really means

Written by: Nikoya My email and mailbox used to be houses for rejection letters.  I’ve attended plenty of job interviews, like most of us have, leaving thinking it went well- only to receive a rejection letter afterwards.  I’ve also stayed too long in a dead end relationship in the past.  Way too long.  Often times that creates a platform for… Read more →

30 day trial: Hypnobirthing, day 15

Written by: Nikoya It’s day 15 of the crunch and countdown of my 30 day practice of hypnobirthing.  It has been an interesting experience so far, and has helped me on a daily basis to not have so much anxiety about birth.  I am honestly at the point now where I have no anxiety about the birthing experience, only anxiety… Read more →

30 day trial: My Hypnobirthing Experience

Written by: Nikoya | Author of Resurrect the Purpose Well known advocates of hypnobirthing will immediately say that you cannot master and reap the full benefits of hypnobirthing having only practiced for a 30 day period. I wanted to document my experience with hypnobirthing on my life coaching website because I feel that it resonates with most of what the readers… Read more →