The Thief Who’s After Your DNA

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Written by: Nikoya

A few readers often email and say that they do not know their purpose, why they were born or why they do what they do each day. It’s a very interesting topic for me, questioning those types of concepts from a young age.

Remedies are available for those who believe they do not know their purpose. A life lived without knowing ones purpose causes life energy to be exhausted into the wrong paths.

I have written a guide about it (free link), talking of how individuals can Resurrect The Purpose by re-discovering their past, learning their heritage and honing their own natural gifts.

This post is not about purpose, your past, your heritage or your assigned industry.

I just want to relay that if you can understand basic spiritual concepts, without religion and “hocus pocus”, you will unlock hidden potential that is simply embedded inside of you.

However, there is a negative force within our realm of nature that wants you to not animate what you carry in your blood.

Some personify this force and call it the “Devil”, the religious may call this force ” Satan”, :”the adversary”; “the questioner”. “It” can be referred to simply as negative energy, but in the Earth realm this negative force wants to block good from coming into manifestation.

6 Ft. Deep vs. 6 Ft. of DNA

If you take a single cell from your body and stretch the DNA out, it will reach a length of 2 meters long. 2 meters is about 6.5 feet. The negative force that wants to devour the encrypted book within your DNA has marked this intention with the power of death.

We symbolically see this intention by looking at the characteristics of the grave, typically 6-6.5 feet deep.

This is a declaration by the force of negativity to confirm that what lies in your DNA should be taken to the grave when you die.

This act and intention will rob the world from many inventions, ideas, gifts or talents that you were created to bring and animate into the Earth realm.

“The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I came so that you may have life, and life more abundantly.” – John 10:10

Life really is in the blood. Literally.

Your purpose, heritage, identity, destiny, gifts, talents- all of this is embedded in your blood.  Knowing your purpose is about unlocking what you were created with.


Too many of us let the thief takeover the purpose of our lives, thus we over exhaust our energies on things we should not even be doing, reaping negative and unpleasant experiences.

How simple it is to live, within the realm of purpose

Living life while knowing your purpose means you know who are, where you are going and what you will do when you get there.

Clarifying those 3 levels within your revelation of purpose allows you to navigate in the realm of simplicity. You can intentionally direct your energies to your choosing once you are fully in this realm.

Your efforts and energies are directed to specific intentions versus randomly stretched among random choices, jobs, and endeavors that you were not designed for.

“Set your mind on a definite goal and observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass.” ― Napoleon Hill

Navigating in this realm does not mean your life will be perfect, but you will have the ability to access a higher level of potentiality.

Kingdom Mentality is the Secret to Success

Understanding kingdom principles, no matter where the source, aids us all in reaching a certain level of success with our time here on Earth.

What’s a kingdom principle?

Kingdom principles are a part of how a exemplar society operates. There are 12 kingdom principles, 5 pillars of society, several industries and a multitude of systems within those pillars. Understanding kingdom principles are a part of self-actualizing purpose.

Once you understand the 5 pillars of society (education, government, church, marriage (family), business) and have chosen an industry, you are ready to embark on understanding kingdom principles.


Interested in going deeper? Consultations and coaching sessions are available for organizations, business groups, corporations and individuals. Let’s talk, email me for a general consultation (nikoyachynese at gmail dot com).



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Domains & Realms: How Decisions Effect Destiny

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Written by: Nikoya

You can’t wonder why you are where you are and leave it to chance and fate. Earth is a domain of decisions.

Decisions direct the path of your ultimate destination and influence your destiny. The moment you make a decision everything aligns atmospherically with that goal. Earth is a domain of choices. You can choose to succeed or to simply exist.

What have you decided for yourself today?

What decisions have you made in the last year that has caused you to take positive-action?

Every decision we make should be deliberate. We should know why we choose our choices and where they can take us. Once a decision has been made, the atmosphere negotiates a particular destination.

A decision to educate yourself on how to eat right can effect your destiny.  You can change your destination from a hospital bed, and a track record of sickness and disease, to long life and peaceful death.

A decision to not take on projects that are beneath you and “just for the money” can effect your destination. Making the decision to work with individuals on strategic basis  where the value of exchange is equal- would navigate you to a different destination versus choosing clients without strategy.

Protection from the “regret” virus

 “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

We’ve been presented with choices for eons. We’ve had a lot of practice. Seems like we’d make better decisions!

In ancient time, one of the first concepts human beings were exposed to were decisions and choices. Adam and Eve were presented with a set of 2 choices in their first days. Their choices brought them out of the Garden of Eden and into a less desirable destination.

Satan made the decision to test God, which caused his address to change from Heaven to his current destination, Earth.

The best protection for the virus of regret is to upload mental software of intentional decision that surveys everything. If you are deciding on something that is not directly related to your overall purpose or goal, examine your choices carefully because every decision effects our destinies.

When the brain computer makes rash decisions, it can have a series of unpleasant consequences. Once that rash decision is put in motion and the virus of regret is enabled afterwards, there is hardly anyway to uninstall that from your mental process. Regrets are painful and can make us spend a lot of energy on something that is irrevocable when we should be living purpose filled life.

Having enough mental megahertz dedicated to intentional decision making can be a life changing, productivity increasing, enchanting choice that aids us to live our life the way the Sustainer intended when the universe was created.

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If you’d like to go deeper on decision making, examining choices, and even discovering your life purpose, please schedule a free consultation with me at 

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