Herbs For Healing: Damiana

My experience with Damiana has been one of value, something worthy of sharing. Having been a person of nearly all time low iron levels, I know what it feels like to feel the effects of anemia. Lack of energy, excessive fatigue, and even potential cardiac issues have been a part of my journey as an anemic. Through 3 pregnancies I… Read more →

Mainstream Books Predicted the Coronavirus – Dean Koontz + “Psychic” Sylvia Browne

Did these authors predict the Coronavirus that we are experiencing now in 2020? Short answer: Yes… AND no. Both books, Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz (whom I will call “Head Coon”) and End of Days by Sylvia Browne (“Sly-vya Browne”), both books abbreviated as “EOD”; depict a paragraph pertaining to the alleged Wuhan-400 AKA COVID-19 virus which is currently… Read more →

Binge Watching Movies and Television Is What Powers In High Places Want You To Do During the Shelter-In-Place COVID-19

As I write this post, the inside of my ears are full of pressure and feel like they are on fire. I have not felt myself in the past couple days, and I hope you are doing well during this uncertain time. Being on shut down, in our homes, isolated and potentially bored; people are relying on mainstream entertainment systems… Read more →

The Secret Message Behind Kanye’s Musical Operas – [Mary + Nebuchadnezzar]

  Kanye debuted on the opera scene recently with his first number, Nebuchadnezzar.  Now, after dropping Jesus is King, he has debuted another opera, Mary. Kanye West is trekking territory that he has declared in his first album, College Dropout – but people don’t realize this. Read more →

eating electricity – electric & alkaline foods

Written by: Nikoya | Download the Book With Meal Plans What is electric food? How does eating electric foods benefit the body? An electric food is food that is completely natural, completely ingenious of the Earth and 100% living.  Our bodies are alive, which make human beings dependent on a living life force.  Energy makes us move. Electrical food animates… Read more →

How Your Past Live(s) Impact Your Life Today

There is a teaching that life is a current cyclical judgment period, a period that we must endure and bear a yoke of for past iniquities.  I am digesting it and need to organize my thoughts by writing this post- which others may benefit from. The book of Ecclesiastes is heavily used to under-gird this concept: Is there any thing… Read more →