Black shootings and police brutality: A microcasm of the macrocasm

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Written by: Nikoya

A conversation with a close friend of mine, who works in law enforcement:

Me: “Do you ever ask yourself where we come from, like, the origin of man as a species?”

Friend: “No.”

Me: “Why not? You’ve never been curious, ever?”

Friend: “Why? What difference is it going to make in my life to know where the origin of Man is or how we came about?

Me: “What difference would it not make? Maybe in your life you wouldn’t see why it would make a difference, but it can shed light on a lot of problems and solutions we face today. Sometimes when we know why things are and who we are we can make wiser decisions.”

Of course everyone is not going to be into the same concepts and subjects as you are, this I know, but for some reason his response intrigued me. You’ve never wondered why we are here and where we come from, ever? If not even for a second, how can you possibly be living a conscious life?  What is your life about?  Working a job, paying bills and then death?

The root of police “brutality”

usa-california-shootingWhen you have a Mac or an Apple device, you never get a virus, malware attack or a Trojan. The Macintosh is the original computer, made to function in a superior manner better than any other device. Mac’s don’t need Norton Anti-virus or AVG Security. A PC is an imitation.

When a PC attains a virus it can compromise your personal information and also block you from executing the most basic  functions. The computer will simply act crazy.

When you have a computer virus or a cyber attack, all you see is the manifestations of a crazy acting PC, when in actuality your computer was probably exposed to a corrupt file or a Trojan much earlier.

When you have a broken system, manifestations of that broken system will trickle down to the bottom level of functionality.

When your PC has a virus, eventually you will not even be able to use your mouse on your computer in the right manner.

Police officers and fraternal order of police are the lowest functionality of our justice system. Our justice system and “government” has been corrupt, saturated with viruses and “Trojans” for quite some time.

We cannot expect proper functionality from any level under a broken system of justice. That would be against the natural laws of order.

The history of this national regime was built on blood, death and a fake systematic protocol of fictitious wealth. We can never be Mac’s under this constitution.

The importance of education for inner liberation

We need to stop looking outward for a solution. There rarely is a solution for what is not right to being with.  With all of the “fall’s” we read about since the origin of man (use Genesis if you must, Egypt, Roman Empire, etc) we seem to believe that our current system is exempt from a “fall”. Child, please.

We need to start with ourselves as individuals, educating and renewing our minds with right information.

Regurgitated, factory education that we learn in public and private schools is not what I am talking about. I’m talking about authentic, solid information from sources more advanced and older than ours.

Police-confront-a-protest-012When you know who you are, you then know who can help you access right information. For black people, get on the Kemetic learning journey. Learn your root history- Nope, not MLK and Amistad. Not the his-story another man of this same era has written for you. Start in Sumeria, Egypt, so-called “Africa”.  Find your root source and expound.

I started theologically and expounded out. A foundational knowledge of Ancient texts (bible, Koran, Sumerian tablets) is imperative to overstanding everything else.

If we can’t even decide on our name, what to call ourselves (am I black? African American? Negro?) how do we expect to be treated by others? How do we expect to be factored in properly in American statistics?

We need to have some self identity in order to move past the so called injustices we experience. Knowing who you are instead of allowing another culture or society to label you, will steadily stir others from their sleep around you.  Wake up one man at a time, so we can collectively move past this tragedy of corruption in this era.  Reboot your hard drive and upgrade your informational sources to accrue more mental megahertz for overstanding.



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Celestial Origin of Man: The First Mother (pt. 2)

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Written by: Nikoya

The Earth is 4.5 billion years old.

The books of the old testament bible emerged around 2nd century BCE. They were canonized in the years following. Clearly, logic, sound, right reasoning and basic math shines light on the fact that the bible is a young work of literature. It’s not a solid ancient comprehensive text.

Science, archaeology and geology serve confirmation of raw facts and steadily eliminate the need for faith. The concept of faith- as it is referred as the “substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen”, is slowly becoming old news as we move towards the end of the information age. We now have evidence, tangible evidence, of what used to be unknown.

In vitro & Genetic breeding was common practice as recorded in ancient writings.

In vitro & Genetic breeding was common practice as recorded in ancient writings.

Only 50 years ago did humans achieve the ability to create technologies and procedures that the Sumerian ancients were already practicing. Their work was demonstrated by carvings on tablets, on clay, on the walls in Kemit (Egypt) and stone. Cloning and invitro fertilization was a common practice to them.

Truth emerges from piles of physical evidence regarding the origin of the human species: It was through the genetic manipulation of DNA that the origin of Man evolved.

We call research “research” because we surely are re-searching and rediscovering who we really are.

We were the perfect creation by the gods. The Elohim. The Annunaki. The supreme “beings”. Made in their image and their likeness was stamped into the human genome.

The Elohim were now delivered from the work!

We were better than robots because we could procreate on our own!

In part one, we explored the ideology that the Elohim, the Annunaki or the “gods” created human being for the purpose to mine the resources of the Earth to supply their needs.

Isis sharing 400They were very successful in their work, as we see, but what happened after they actually implanted the mixed cells into the birth mother? Who was the birth mother?

Who was she, this “Ninti“? Was she the Kemetic queen Isis?

Was this who the bible calls Eve?

Science has shown us that we all carry mDNA (mitrochondrial DNA) and we stem from one mother- from Africa around 150,000 years ago. was this Eve? Was this the birth goddess Ninti from the Sumerian tablets?

Possibly, yes.

After the creation of the first “lulu” or man, we procreated among ourselves after we were removed from the land were the creator gods were. Woman may have been fashioned out of the “rib” of the man, but not in the graphic sense.

The Chief Scientist put man in a deep sleep with anesthesia, removed bone marrow from his side and fashioned woman. Bone marrow contains the cells suitable to extract rDNA and he must have needed this element to create the woman’s genome. This is ribosomal DNA in genetics.

Pun intended?


Celestial Origins of Man pt. 1

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Celestial Origins of Man and Why We Were Created: Genesis 2-3

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Written by: Nikoya

atesttubebabyThere was a time on the ancient Earth when the resources were sought out for use by celestial beings of extraterrestrial origin.

These ancient beings have been recorded in many different ways throughout history and culture, but the oldest and first recorded evidence come from ancient Sumerian/Akkadian tablets.

There have been many scientific validations of what the Sumerians recorded- the practice of IV fluid administering, the planetary body alignment in the solar system, Artificial Insemination, In-vitro Fertilization, genetic manipulation of the genes of crops (GMO) and the breeding of animals*.

The book of Genesis is a very short, limited account of the elaborate and deliberate creation story that actually resulted in the birth or creation of man. The origin of man as well as the intended purpose of our species is intriguing and mind-boggling to some.

WARNING: If you do not have the right amount mental megahertz to process the true account of the creation of our species, you may crash, freeze up, or even block the download of factual information as a means to cope with these raw facts. If you are a member of a religious church, organization or a strict denomination, please disable your mental pop-up blocker in order to fully digest this information with a non-biased, clean mental hard drive.

There was no man to “work the land”

For the Lord God had not caused it to rain on the earth, and there was no man to till the ground – Genesis 2:5

God created man for this purpose: to work; till the ground and mine gold.

The name of the first is Pishon; it is the one which skirts the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold. And the gold of that land is good. Bdellium and the onyx stone are there. – Genesis 2:11-12.

Why would the Sustainer of all things, the Most Omnipotent God care about gold? Why would he care to mention onyx stone? Or any other Earth bound resource for that matter?

The Most High God or the true Source of all is not after gold. This is a supportive point that reassures readers the book of Genesis is simply referring to “creator gods” (plural)- other beings such as the Annunaki whom are being mistaken as the Supreme “God” or Source by those who need to rethink.

Genesis 1-3 corresponds to the more exhaustive Sumerian Tablets account of the origin of man. The Annunaki was burdened by the task of completing a great work for their planet Nibiru but wanted to be relieved of the burden of toil. They set out to create a primitive worker to mine their gold and complete their work. That was when our species, homo sapiens, were artificially inseminated (before being mixed in a laboratory dish) into the womb of a “goddess” (Annunaki; specifically Ninti).

annunaki1The Annunaki had figured out a way to create a being smart enough to create and deliver the work by mixing their DNA with a primitive being already on Earth (the Neanderthal or possibly even the Homo Erectus), but had not given the ability to fully access all of their mental capacity, nor their version of “immortality” (everlasting life).

They summoned and asked the goddess, the midwife of the gods, the wise birth giver, [saying:]
“To a creature give life, create workers!
Create a Primitive Worker,
that he may bear the yoke!
Let him bear the yoke assigned by Enlil,
Let The Worker carry the toil of the gods!”
– As Quoted via Summerian Translation, Z. Sitchin.

Hmmmnmm, now, while we sought to simply explore the origins of humanity out of curiosity, and possibly loftiness, we become perplexed of the truth and the rawness of the creation process and the created purpose of the Homo Sapien.  We also face the fear that we were indeed created to be slaves for some sort of overall “purpose” but not necessarily one of a “supremely divine” nature.

The Sumerian term for man is noted as “Lu“, with the root meaning “worker; servant” similar as to the root found used to refer to domesticated animals*. It is noted from the Akkadian text, that the term “Lulu” denotes the mixture of the “man” as a species**.

This is why I have explored the concept of “work” and purpose a lot on this blog, because there is such a difference in the two.

Before one can overstand the origin of human beings, they have to be aware of science, geology and real ancient texts. If you are looking at Genesis to give you overstanding you are limiting your revelation of complete facts. The Sumerian tablets give more of an account of creation, where as in Genesis it is redacted down into one paragraph.

There is also a synoptic gap in the creation passage in Genesis and a time conversion that corresponds to the ancient account in Sumerian text. The 7 days of creation were not literal days as in our time.  1,000 years were approximately 1 day on Earth. So automatically we are talking about six thousand to 7 thousand years of creation and evolution.

When evolutionists teach that we evolved from apes, the Neanderthal or the Homo Erectus, they are scientifically inaccurate. If we simply evolved through Natural evolution from those beings it would have taken much longer than 6,000 years. There is no way possible that we have naturally evolved from either being in such a short amount of time.

However, progressive evolutionists are discarding one evident point: the possibility that the human being was genetically constructed by mixing the DNA from a primitive being already on Earth (Homo Erectus, more than likely) with the genome of their own, the creator gods (little “g” gods, Annunaki, etc.) in order to create a more efficient “slave” species to mine the resources that they needed. This ideology is in the tablets and on the walls in kemetic structures in Egypt, South Africa and Mesopotamia.




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