Life Empowerment

Through coaching and divine revelation

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Atomic Access – is an empowerment series that is offered to a select group of people who know truly desire to activate their God given potential and don’t want to settle for less.

This series includes:

  • Strategic tools for discovering hidden gifts and talents
  • Strategic tools for discovering your assigned realm of influence and assigned industry
  • Learn how to master your assigned industry
  • Learn how to unlock your ability to activate hidden revenue streams
  • Learn how to activate the mind to attract abundance

$89 $59 monthly – Digital Digest // Begin

$289 $199 monthly – Digital Digest + bi-weekly 30 sessions // Begin



a__a1148_1black_backgroundResurrect The Purpose, circa 2011

A digital download that demonstrates how we can look to our past to discover certain assignments, life purpose or hidden potentials.

Download Free – Resurrect The Purpose










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