Life Empowerment

Through coaching and divine revelation

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9th Mind is designed to empower people to concentrate on their strengths and activate their highest potential.


This is not a “self-help” or “self improvement” website. Those terms are ambiguous and over-used. They assume something is wrong with you. They make your mind default to the “negative”.

9th Mind has content that is designed to do the exact opposite. The information “defaults” from the positive (meaning, we start with the good inside of you) and amplifies that which is good. When I write about empowerment, this is what I mean. The content is driven to empower what is good that is embedded inside of you.

I use stories and analogies to hopefully activate hidden potential that you have inside. I understand that this is the age of “information”. There is so much information out in the world, especially online, and in fact- more information is the last thing we need! When you have a overloading of information with no outcome, you experience frustration. Frustration in meeting goals and obtaining success.

We do not need more information! When people find 9th Mind, I’ve learned that they are seeking comprehension (or what I commonly call a “revelation“).

So that is why I consider this site, 9th Mind, Life Empowerment, to be a house of content that coaches and empowers individuals into divine revelation.


This site has several categories of articles:

Business – As a site about life empowerment, a major component of self-actualization is success in industry, career, vocation, and/or business.

Health & Disease Prevention – As a site about life empowerment, a major component of self-actualization and executing one’s life purpose requires a healthy and functioning body. Having health is vital, and it also demonstrates balance. A free series dedicated to the ideal dietary living to prevent obesity (which is also a disease) and illness, the Electric Diet, can be read here.

Mind & Spirit – Life empowerment is about awareness. Being aware of our mind and spirit is about “thinking”. We should never forget our ability to actively think.


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