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Creating a target custom search makes your experience proficient & timely. Target and pin-point your dream home, location, neighborhood, school zone and more. Get the heads up on what is possible in your desired area by using this customized Houston Association of Realtor website.


Thinking of moving to Southwest Houston? As a realtor, I seek to master a specific region of the 4th largest city in the Nation! I have specific market expertise in Telfair, Sweetwater, Imperial, First Colony, Riverstone and Lake Olympia. The gems of Southwest Houston.

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As a Realtor, I can predict a multitude of situations that can potentially occur during a real estate transactions. While I work my best efforts to achieve the smoothest move possible, I have a close knit team of partners that can help you reduce the stress of moving your business. My partners can assist with the basic incidentials of moving with their concierge services.

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I understand that when you are seeking to purchase or sell and especially lease, time is a vital factor. I ensure that I am available to my clients at all times. When your best interest is placed first, I know that responding is an important element to getting your desire deal. Direct: (832)294-3367 Call | Text.

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The Houston Market is changing! Perfect reason to stay abreast of all the details that are happening on the market. This is not just an agent website, but a go-to resource for information, news, facts & tips for the industry times.

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